There is a lot of poetry going around in the O3 blog space. Its been quite inspiring to see all those and me too decided I should put up something. And someone even asked if I was ever going to put up something original :-D :-D. So thought I should probably do that.

The poetry below isn't really my first one, but something that I wrote long time back when in my early teens. It was the time when everything looked rosy rosy and thoughts of love filled the air. All those dreams of an Utopian land where my sweet heart and me had a “lived-happily-ever-after” kind of life filled the dreams in the night. It filled the day dreams too. :-). I was and I still am a hopeless romantic - the kind who believes my special someone is out there living and waiting just to take me into his arms. 

Looking back and reading the poetry now, it does sound kiddish. But still, it is something that is close to my heart because it was written at a time when things weren't understood in the right practical sense and life was looked at with rose-tinted specs. Just a rehash of those dreamy thoughts makes it amusing, but worth treasuring. There is another following this on the same lines, but more refined - something that I wrote after 2-3 years of writing this one. Hope all of u guys reading this identify with the thoughts of a young teenager with beautiful thoughts about a special someone made just for you somewhere in this whole wide world.



I know not who he is

I know not how he is

I know not what he is

All I know - he is the best


I know not where he lives

I know not how he looks

I know not what he does

All I know - he is  in my dreams.


I know not what he likes

I know not what he loves

I know not what he wishes for

All I know - he loves me and is waiting for me


I know he is made for me

I know he loves me as I am

I know he thinks and dreams of me

And I know - he is the MAN OF MY DREAMS!!!




I hope nobody is snickering after reading this :-D :-D :-D

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