Oh.. Here I am...

Been looooooooooooooooooooooooong since I wrote!

I have been reading my own post regularly.. hoping my brain feels bad for my page and decides to update this page.. but my brain just refused to work with me :(

And to Ellen & Dharma... thiiiiiiiiiiiis many apologies for not having replied to your messages.. :)

One reason why I couldn't really write anything was work. And not just the usual type we had.. it was LOADS of work! Gosh! People are in such a hurry the world around! Everybody is in a hurry to get things done... and are the least bothered about what others might need! I wish I could tell them what Shahid told his mom in JWM - Take a chill pill boss :D

But I also know telling the client to take a chill pill would mean a suicide pill for my career :-o

And another culprit is the weather! Seriously.. the summer in Hyderabad is like a training course for Hell. So anybody who is sure that they would be going to hell after their death - please accept my invite. Spend your Summers here and get a first-hand feeling of what hell might feel like! I always thought only the coastal areas make you sweat. Hyderabad has proved me wrong! And the APSEB guys also know how to play with customers. They spend the whole day in A/C rooms, while they decide that the 'undeserving' city needs a power cut right in the noons - some time b/w 12:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs. And imagine our plight then :( And the stupid weather makes you feel so tired & lethargic, the only thing you want to do when you get some time is SLEEP! 'Oh my precious sleep' would be the normal anthem this season!

Its actually funny in a way also - when you are sleeping with the fan on - the side facing the fan is all cool and dry while the back side is getting completely wet due to the sweat and then you will need to turn the other side to face the fan for sometime! And 50% of the time that you try to spend sleeping - you are busy turning on the bed this side & that side just so your clothes don't get wet and when you get up, people don't get the wrong impression as to why your clothes are wet! :-P

[I know the last statement was a bad PJ!]

and the mainest reason for being busy - this is something I love though - my cousin's getting married this weekend! And we have all been looking forward to this weekend for the last 4 months with great enthusiasm! The last tim a cousin got married and we all enjoyed was in 1998 and after 10 years.. we are really looking forward to have fun. Ten years back, we were all young.. so were quieter on a lot of things, but now.. I guess we have our freedom to pull the bride's & the groom's legs.. which can be quite a lot of fun :-D. After all, as long as we are not the butt of the jokes, everything is fun :-D

We had been busy shopping, going around, meeting cousins, having cousins come home, calling cousins staying out-station and finding out when they are arriving in town... it's been a busy month... and now.. its just become a few more days and the final count down has begun - for my bro's batchelorhood days as well :-D I messaged him this evening asking him if he was sure he wanted to get married and reminded him of the last few days.. and he replied sadly.. don't remind me of such things :-))) As if he really minded anyways!

So that was about it... the last two months ka update in one post! Lets see when I get to post again! hopefully, this time, I don't take too long!! :-)

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dharmabum said...

electricity is a huge problem that we need to contend with, meher. there is shortage of coal, i read recently, and the truth is - we don't have enough power. power cuts seem to be the only solution, if at all, temporary.

i find weddings kinda boring, and elaborate waste of resource :) would you believe it if i said i have consciously not attending any wedding in the past 3 years - that includes cousins and friends as well!!

good to have u back :)

Meher :) said...


U are scaring me about the power cuts! :-o

But yeah.. I read too - that China has only 12 days of coal reserves left in its country. I was like.. :-o :-o :-o~

And I am not very interested in weddings of outsiders... but close cousins.. something I look forward to.. :)

But on a different note.. you seem such a saint! How did you ever get to that level? I try so hard, but find it very difficult to detach myself from a lot of things.

Have you always been like that?

taureandude_23 said...

hey meher!
aha so now i know why u werent visible in the virtual world for quite a while. i thought the last post i read here was the one before u left for the pilgrimage.
power cuts suck big time. although i dont have it happenin at my place. i had once been to a cousins place and the 2pm to 6pm power cut was just too bad on a Sunday afternoon:O
a ha cousins gettin maried, now that whole build up to the wedding and the actual wedding itself is a whole lotta fun when u have ur whole gang o cousins around. njoy!
chalo then thats all from moi end.
take care

dharmabum said...

saint my ass. my father calls me a fake.

i am not really detached, but very inspired by the idea of being so. and so the attempt is of course always there to get there in time :)

not sure if i've always been that way. i just bum around way too much to remember things...:) karma, if you ask me would be the simple answer to all complicated questions :)

am curious how u interpret it that way - i mean, what made u draw such a conclusion about the bum me? :)

Vrij said...

Good 2 see u back!

Sanjeev said...

Hey Meher...( Wonder what happened to blogging with your first name? :P)

Power cuts....thats a pain though luckily I have been in Mumbai when I was in India and the problem there had not been as acute. ( Except the last 2 years)Hyd is a fun city though....I like the place.

Praddy said...

ek doubt..who missed hyd :P ??

Meher :) said...


Ask me about the power cuts! We have them almost on a daily basis!

And the marriage was complete fun re :) Totally loved the time!! :)

Meher :) said...

Karma is always THE answer for all questions.. simple or complicated! But the complicarion comes because we fail to remember its Karma when we are supposed to rember it :-D

And... I don't know ... can't point out to one particular point and say this is because of that.. Maybe the way you manage to see spiritual connections in EVERY LITTLE thing [which I think is absolutely wonderful!] , or maybe because your posts send out the message... that you tend to be a little detached from worldly things... and more attached towards the spiritual side!

Am not sure if I made sense there... maybe I am not able to pin-point exactly :)

Meher :) said...


Yeah.. and I am just starting to work on your tag

Meher :) said...

Sanjeev... :D

No issues as such.. just thought new place.. new name.. badhiya hoga :D :D :D

Hyd is a nice place actually... if u keep aside the weather & power cuts! I like it..

Just that summers make things a little difficult

Meher :) said...


I was talking about EK only :D :D :D

Hyderabad will be skipped when she comes down, I guess :(

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