When I first read this, I didn't think what the guys were doing was racist at all. I thought they were just being funny.

But after reading the comments below it, I am confused.

What do you think?

But in a strange sort of way, I found the whole article & the comments below very funny :D :D :D

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Gayathri said...

You didn't understand it? The first line made it clear, ponnu. The Spanish guys are pulling up their eyes - to imitate Chinese eyes, you know they are like a line and sometimes you can't differentiate whether they are closed or open. But it is surprising to see this photo get so much of attention. People from all over the world make so much fun of India & Indians!

Sindhu :) said...

No re...I understood what was happening..

At first, I didn't think it was racist... I kind of thought they were just trying to be funny, but not offensive.

But I was reading the comments below it.. and most of them seem to insist that Spaniards were a racist lot.. so that left me confused.. thats it

And regarding your last line... true...! Either we don't have the talent to understand the stupid things being said about us or have learnt to play dumb & ignore it!

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

Hey Meher
well i feel its somethin similiar to the Andrew Symonds calling the "monkey"ing gestures racist. I mean its really much ado about nothin. I didnt find anything racist in that photograph, only the Chinese will find that:D

i feel at a subconcious level we all are racists, as in we liberally use terms like Gujju, Punju, Bong, Harry etc which in technical parlance are racist terms, but we are quite cool about it and we know to an extent where to draw the line.

I feel its become cool to find a racist undercurrent in things around you as it instantly makes it to the news. on a personal level i did not find anything racist in the pic. i rest my case:P

take care

Sindhu :) said...

Hey TD

Agree when you say that everybody is involved in racism at some level - albeit in a more funny way..

Like I said initially... even I dindn't find the picture racist on the first look - neither did it look like it in the second look too :P but then... if we knew Spaniards better.. maybe then.. yeah :D

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