Ahhh!! My Hero :D

Since I started talking about a guy coming for me on Black Steed in the comments on the prev post, I thought I may as well write a post on it :D

That cinematic dream has always been there - it would be a windy day, my hair's all flying around in a very cinematic way and I am giving all those beautiful smiles - and suddenly, I turn my head in random direction, in a proper slow motion and THERE! I see the hero looking intently at me!! And Love blooms!


And we live happily forever !! :))


I blame it on the Mills & Boons :D

And when I saw Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much, I was verrrryy impressed by that song, esp the last part. :D

And then, I made a few changes to my dream - I decided I will go the old fashioned way and this time - my hero's going to come for me riding on a Black Steed!! He need not wear armour and all - but dashing he's got to be :D

And then I grew up and went about adding a couple of other items to it - 

[a] Mr. Hero must belong to either of the Earth or Water Signs [Pref should be a taurean or a scorpion :D. Others can be considered :D]

[b] Mr. Hero should be a vegetarian. If he really likes non-vegetarian, he may go out & eat whatever crap he wants to, but should not force me about it

[c] Mr. Hero should be a non-smoker

[d] Mr. Hero should be a non-drinker. Social drinking, to a level, is just about acceptable :P

[e] Mr. Hero should tell me 'I Love You, darling' wholeheartedly as many times as possible in a day :P :))))

[f] Mr. Hero should take me out every weekend and should take me out on shopping sprees every now & then :D :D 

These are things - additional to the usual 'should understand me, should be kind, should be loving, should respect my parents' dialogues :D 

There maybe a couple of things that can be added as it goes along, but for now, lets stop the post here :D

And yea, incase you guys have any ideas, please pass them on - I would like to consider more options too :D

***** and to Swati => Lets hope the new hearts beside my name add some luck in helping me find this kind of guy :)))

61 wrote about this one!:

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

you know what ?? it might seem a lil straightjacketed but somehow i don't care if 'my guy ' ( god is there one?? ) is veg or not is non drinker / smoker or not . It has something to do with understanding my aspirations & the kind of person i am .
But even then i couldn't but agree with no. (f) " shopping rules " :D :D :D
hope u find one soon :)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


yea.. like I said, the bullet points are apart from the understanding me & my aspirations part :D

Added bonuses you see :P

And Shopping RULES any day :))

Prasad said...

HOLY HELL!!!! I HOPE/WISH not all gals are lik this!


•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


face it

All girls ARE like this :P

except the heartless/dreamless few :))

Prasad said...

PS : i dont wanna add anything more and crap out your hero post!!!

Prasad said...

then i have zero chance of finsing one! thanks!

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

I meant add some ideas that I should look for in my hero.

That will not crap this post :P :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

its ok Pras..

God has already written someone for me :D :D

Prasad said...

ok here goes...earth water i dunno wot ur talkin abt there...so thtz done!

should be veggie...i'll giv u ROFLLLLLLLL and say HAIL KFC!

non-smoker! buhahahahahahahahaha i smoke

non-drinker!! LOL again and um not adiccted but i do drink every sat!

i lov u blah blah....shoppin etc etc not my types!

so i dont even match one here...ho da hell do i giv ideas!!! gggrrrrrrrrr!!!!

thtz y i hope/wish not al gals r lik this!! or r they??? :-s

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

No no.. you got it wrong..

Just because I am veggie doesn't mean everyone else is going to be a veggie :D So one point down.

Zodiac signs is whats the earth sign & water signs about. This depends on person to person.

Smoking/Drinking - if you get a girl who also does that & supports it - your luck. Illena, your bad luck :D

I love you is NOT blah blah for girls & don't you dare say a word against shopping :D Thats like a life line for girls, so you have to understand it and get it in your brain :))

Vrij said...

Why do u gals live in dreamland? Can't you get down to earth? First you have such huge aspirations.. OK.. some rare women might be able to catch an all in one guy like D did a couple of years back.. but u all should not be so particular about all the properties he should posses.. he's not a darn chemical made in the lab!

U are OK if he's a non-veggie and doesn't trouble u. (Like me). Then whats stopping you from liking a smoker or drinker if he does not bring his maladies home? And yeah, we'll love to accompany u to your hundred episodes of shopping only if u don't insist on us tagging along to buy bras and panties.. or more inane stuff like selecting jewelery or answering if this color dress was ok or if that Saree suited u or not! We'd rather sit down at one spot and ogle at the figures floating around while u finish off the dirty work. I mean, both can be at mental peace there.. wat say?

Nautankey said...

Somehow this reminds me of that dream guy comedy sequence in the movie Muthu..where the servant maid will have dream guy..and it will turn out to be vadivelu :P

guess u need to dream big...something like a guy with this much bank balance

Curious said...

If i add my 2 sent to this... This will be my leg pulling post! so I'll let u bask in limelight sinds... :D :D

And I loved that Shania Twain song too! :D

Curious said...

Cents* not sent... I really need to change my half fuctioning keyboard! :(

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


:)) Ok.. enough of self-dabba now :D

Smoking & drinking - no man! Outside also not allowed. Smoking is certainly a NO NO!

Shopping part :)) - ok - got your point :))

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Very funny - your Muthu statament :P

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


No please.. go ahead with your ideas :D :D :D

Nautankey said...

But dont worry i aint that bad..not thinking of a vadivelu for you..simbhuuuu :))

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


As if he is any better!!

Chi. Thu. Yuck!

Curious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curious said...

That was way to long even for my likes... I'll email it to you! :D :D Which would say me leg pullings too! :D :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Oh My! Curious!


You got so serious about this whole thing :))

But yea... all that you said is right in all senses.. Yea.. I know there is nobody left that way - princes are extinct.

I guess its just that girl's thought process that plays up once in a while - I know all this is going to stay a dream only :D

[Hopefully, I really get a vegetarian guy, though :D]

That self-efficient thing, incase I need to be maybe I will - but I really hope I don't have to do that :)) I would prefer someone being ready to do those things for me :D :D :D

And your last statement - :)))) Thats a wonderful answer !! :D :D :D

Curious said...

Nope sweetheart! I wholeheartdly hope that you find the guy that fits all your bill and live happily forever and ever! :D :D >:D<

You will find that veggie/ Non smoking/non drinking dude who will take you out on shopping sprees!! Errr..just let u mom know in advance... :P :P

Prasad said...

Vrij!!!! expertly put my man!!! awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee abt the shoppin episode!!!

Prasad said...

wth!!! babe put it up here for everyone to c!! come on be a sport!

Nautankey said...

Down Down!! for deleting my comment :) will put a post about it then

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Curious said...

That was me again ppl! Was working on forbs blog and got enthu-ed and dropped a comment with her id!! Saari!

Mamz: Forbs is doing a come back! Officially! Veryyyyy soon! :D :D :D

Curious said...

Mamz: will post my comment in my rant page! :D

Prasad said...

wah wah forbs commin bak :DDDDDDDDDD

oo my my :DDDDDDD

Sneha said...

wow.. loved it whole heartedly..
btw i have a few additiones:
mr.hero should be decently rich
mr.hero should have a good car is full form for me to drive whenver i want
mr.hero should not be a defaulter
mr.hero should respect my money
.. ah, i ll never grow out of my little materialistic world

Anonymous said...

My Mr.Hero should understand that the way to my heart is through my kitchen :D
I think your hero is standing right behind you.. ;;)

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Happy Days now. I badly want the songs of the movie. Know any website where I can d/l telugu songs from?

Anonymous said...

Did you study in CBIT? :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, just after I posted the comment, I found the songs. :)

Anonymous said...

And and, who's your most liked character in the movie?

Prasad said...

happy days!!!! thamana :DDDDD

Anonymous said...

I knew Prasad would say this!!

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...



>:D< >:D< >:D<

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


You had already deleted it :P

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Oh good good

So is my blog the first, where a comment had come officially from Forb's id?? :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


:)) wah wah

thanks man!! :D :D :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


I liked Rajesh & Tyson :D They were cute

am no engr grad - so no CBIT :(

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


We know know... Tamanna is your dream girl :D

Why don't you write a post about her?? :D :D :D

Nautankey said...

Grrr...I did not delete it.. You deleted it.. just wait n watch I will make that comment into a post.

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


It said comment deleted by author.. that only I deleted.

I didn't delete anything else :-|

I am a sucker for comments... why would I delete comments :P :P

Anonymous said...

Same same. Me liked them only!! :)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Same pinch :D

Anonymous said...

Are you there on FB?

Nautankey said...

Yeah but in blogspot the comment count remains though the comment goes off..

anyway it was about sindhu missing out a dream guy like simbhuu :P. imagine a post on that :))

Prasad said...

um not so sure i could write abt thamana and my dreams! it would be too personal! :P

Anonymous said...

Sindhu and a guy like Simbhu? LOL!

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Swati Yea

Just search for Keerthi Meher

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Sheesh Nautankey

You are not Nautankey Baba. You are NS only!!


•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


No re.. just the initial parts you tell us :D

Dont go into too much detail :D :D :D :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


My reaction for that Simbhu connection ould be more like :((((((((((((((


Anonymous said...

What's your name? :O

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


:)) both


Gayathri said...

Sindhu, I was like this - wanted a non-smoker, non-alcoholic etc. etc. And I was with a guy who was a vegetarian, non-smoker, non-alcoholic etc. But, after a point, those things just don't matter. You can get over it, or even live with such habits. You need to think beyond that, girl.

Gayathri said...

Maybe I will do a post on my kinda dream guy - only that he is in reality now. :P

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Hmm yeah... I know in reality - all this is going to be a completely different thing - not as rosy as it sounds.

And really good for you re >:D< Am so happy for you!!

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