I just read something this morning:

"The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you.

Its when you don't understand yourself"

I agree. In a way, that's my problem right now!

So God, I make the following promises now:

[1] I will STOP sulking for every little thing from now on.

[2] I will consciously start to look at the brighter side of things, until I get back to my old self of looking at the nicer things naturally!

[3] I will start smiling more.

[4] I will stop worrying about unnecessary things & unnecessary people - which/who happen to be equal to zero in my life.

[5] I will still continue to expect less from others, but I am not going to let that stop me from giving to others.

[6] I will enjoy & cherish what's on hand now, rather than brood about what is not there or what's not happening. But that doesn't mean I am going to stop trying to better things & get what I want!

[7] And above all, I WILL STOP CRIBBING ABOUT EVERY DAMN THING in life! I have been cribbing too much about things in the last 2-3 months, I know! 

Good luck to me, God! :)

Please help me! >:D<

And guys  - its in more recent times that I have been understanding how much important friends are in life! And what a blessing it is to have friends who are ready to give you a patient ear when all you want to do is just talk & vent! I guess I do have my fair share of reasons to feel blessed - after all :)

26 wrote about this one!:

Prasad said...

now tht ur in a mood of givin!!1 um ready for my BMW :DDDDDDDDDDD

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

well.. er.. I didn't mean materialistic giving :D

Prasad said...

wth!!! cheating i tell u!! u got to be spefic! :(

s w a t said...

Totally my state of mind currently, Sin. Though I'm not sure if I have the clarity to accept all the points you've stated... :|

Vrij said...

Does all this translate to the fact that u own up to ur affair wid the boss?

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Prasad :D

Well.. its your fault you looked at it like that :))

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...



I guess its difficult.. but at some point of time, you get tired with yourself sulking for so long! And you end up deciding you can better your life :D

Thats what happened with me :))

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


You can think whatever you want to :P

s w a t said...

VB is not going to let go of 'it', is he? :P

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

he's obsessed with it now.. not able to think of anything else :))

Prasad said...

VB ur putin thoughts into my head now :DDDDDDD

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


I would suggest you don't let those thoughts come into your mind now :D

Prasad said...

but vb keeps on remindin em!!! wot can i do????

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

You aren't a kid yourself!!

Work on it! Remove it :D Block it!!!

Nautankey said...

I told you.. i told you .i told you... you shud have accepted babji's true frendsip :P.things wud have been better ;-)

Think Tank said...

aha ..sada sukhi raho bachhi ..on a renovation drive?

HOBO said...

A person queries and answers are always first for himself/herself then for others.

praddy said...

I guess you still didn't have the vodka??

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


I am thinking yeah... atleast there would have been much fun in life :))

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Something like that ;)

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Hmm yeah :)

How is your hand?

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


You guys are not here na.. or else I would have tried it long time back ;)

Curious said...

A early resolution already??? :O :O

All the best babes.. :D :D lemme know how long it lasts! :D

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


:)) Too much


Lets say - So far so so good :D :D :D

Prasad said...

no new posts meher???

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...


Check out :D

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