[1] An un-interested expression [is the word right?]

[2] A bored 'where to'?

[3] 'What do you want to do' - a ridiculous sounding question!

[4] 'Ok.. YOU tell ME! Where and why do you want to go?'

When I know these are the reactions I would get - why the HELL am I still stupid enough to keep asking the same group of people that we go out & enjoy a day out??

Why doesn't God give me enough will-power to keep my mouth SHUT and never ask them that we go out & have fun on a weekend?!

God - I tell you - you are being VERY unfair to me!! x-(

Why haven't you given me any company - friends that I can go out with & have fun - atleast on a weekend? 

I feel rotten :(

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Gayathri said...

We never had that problem, did we? :P

Sindhu :) said...

I seriously wish you were here :(

Nautankey said...

Ahemm..leave the poor god alone. You are in the wrong city lady :)

Renu said...

I am surprised:(. Hysderabad is the best place to stroll without doing anything..pleasant weather and Hussain sagar bank...so beautiful.

Sindhu :) said...


I know! And in the wrong company!!

Sindhu :) said...



Thats what makes me more sad about the whole thing!!


Curious said...

oooooooooooooh! If it were me I wuld drag you for glass bangle shopping everytime u mention that u r bored! :D :D for that matter any kind of shopping.. :P :P

You might then come back and write a post saying - why don't ppl leave u alone! :D

Nautankey said...

Wrong company!! hmm career wise as well as with the friends who r bad company[i meant if at all they give u company] :)..

Sindhu :) said...


:)) No... if you were really the kind who dragged me to shopping - I would call you my best friend :)))

Sindhu :) said...


No bad company as such :D Just no company!!

And friends from work who I can hang out with? Poooh!! Forget it

Prasad said...

do u feel lik a rotten tomato ora rotten egg??? plz be spefic :P :DD

hhhhhmmmmmmm u kno where u should be to hav some fun :DDDDDDDD

Prasad said...

ooo jus came bak frm the holiday and no mood to work!!!!!

the first day after a HOLIDAY is always difficult ya kno! PHEW!

Anonymous said...

Will you come to Bangalore?

Sindhu :) said...


I leave that rotten option to you :))

and yeah.. Madras is the place to be :D

Sindhu :) said...


My dad's there and I am dying to see him - been more than 4 months since I saw him :(

If I am planning on coming there - I will surely let you know :)

Ryan.A.Nash said...

God prolly is going through the same shit for ebing oh-so-pompous. :). Cut him some slack.

Sindhu :) said...


:D :D :D

Rauf said...

Nautanks ! Whattoo ? you want Dhishcos in every street ? a bit too hot, yes yes, buttoos we ruin our day complaining about the heat. So i sit and sweat it out. and the clowns in the government give me all the humour.
my AMMMA will be back
i will be back she said. she will give me more smiles more laughs when she comes back to power. hahaha ! three days ago the house of a police inspector was burgled. What more do you want Nautanks ?

Rauf said...


Who tol you to keep your mouth shut ?
bulaao saaley ko. Bhurtaa banaa doonga saaley ka. Aap boliye' toh sahi, dhulaai kardoonga saaley ki. Mai kya ? mera baao bhi dhobi thaa ! Khaandaani dhobi hai hum !! Acchey acchon ki dhulaai kardi humne' Woh saaley american Pirjidant Bushva ki bhi dhulaai kardi humne'. bas Chalees rupiye ek kapde' ke lga diye white house ko. aap ko bas bees rupiye' lagaa denge' ek kapde' ka. Thoda Dhichcount dete' haim hum appko. Hammare' Sheher waali hain aap.

oh what a Joy to be here Sindhu. i will not sing about my city nor would i write a poem on it. But its kinda nice place.
God is having a ball seeing people pulling their hair in frustration. Lot of places around the city, you can get back home in the evening. some beautiful villages on the way to Kancheepuram. just take your camera and walk alone. you don't need company Sindhu. There is a lot of fun and lot of learning too. This is the right time to go around Chengelpet area.

Anonymous said...

4 months is too much, I say!
Come come :)

Rauf said...

oh deah ! i'm sorry SINDEE. i thoughted you bees in Chennai. Me too old, very old monkey, poor vision.
Well, Hydrabaad toos is not a bad place. Lots of eats, i means roadside eats, thats where i go. Terrific Chaye' and an amazing amazing range of biscuits which you won't find in any odder Indian City. Lubly place actually, specially the old city. All the cities of India have gone from bad to worse. Only Hyderabad can boast of lots of improvements in the past decade.

Sindhu :) said...

Rauf Uncle [If I may call you that]

So good to see you here :)

Am actually bad at Hindi :D So excuse me if I am not replying in Hindi.

Madras is one of the best places I have ever known or lived in. The four years that I stayed there were great!! I would love to be back in that place :)

But wouldn't it be better fun if there was company - of family & friends when you are out... I miss having people like that :(

And Hyderabad - no words to admire it :) Its just my jaan! :)

Sindhu :) said...


Let me plan up something then.

Prasad said...

i'd say rotten eggs :P :DDDDDDDDDD

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey Meher
it does get irritating when such a thing happens. sometimes i actually regret the 2 day weekends as i have to put up at home 4 two complete days. the worst part is when u make plans n dey are called off due to some reason. i guess God cant really do much:d
would conclude with the comforting words that there are lot many people like us:d
take care

Sindhu :) said...


Whatever you say, My Lord! :D

Sindhu :) said...


Exactly man! Same pinch. I plan everything and the people supposed to come out call up a half an our before and tell they cant make it! How frustrating x-(

I feel like my whole weekend is going waste!

and not bad! I thought I was the only one stuck in such situations :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Mumbai...

Sindhu :) said...


Thank you so much :)

Rauf said...

Yes Yes Yes Sindhu, My friend sindu calls me uncle too. Friends of my niece and nephew call me mamdoo.
iwanted to say keep smiling. if you keep smiling all the time you'd lose all your friends, no one will come near you.

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