• I don't have net working at home! So disconnected from the world on the weekends :P

  • I TOTALLY understand now - why people looked at me like am an alien when I said my boss was a great guy & I totally respect him! Bosses can NEVER be great! And actually, I don't respect him that much too, now! Jackass! x-( 

  • You can never really make friends at work. And if you were able to make a really good friend at work, you must be lucky!

  • I have a photo uploaded on the right side, just above my blogroll. Can you guys see it? I can see it in Google Chrome, but not in IE! Why's that? IE is showing only the blogroll.

  • Actually, a couple of things that I added at the bottom of the page also - I can see in Google Chrome but not in IE! And its making me mad! :-|

  • Its my sister's engagement on the coming Sunday, but working at home like a servant maid is me :)) There's so much cleaning to do at home! And considering the usual state of affairs that I manage at home, its only a lot more work now :P

  • If just an engagement means so much work - how will it be like when its the marriage? :-o

  • I oiled my hair yesterday night, so I could wash it off today morning! But something else came up and I couldn't wash - rather, I was told NOT to wash. And am work right now with very well oiled, tightly plaited hair - looking like an 'appalamma' :-| And I soooo hate it :(

  • Have you guys ever had that writer in you wake up and suddenly start penning down a fiction story?

  • I have been trying to write a fiction story for sometime now! I wrote some of it and am not able to carry the story any further after that! What should I do? Does it mean the writer in me went back to sleep again? Hmm!

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s w a t said...

Boss. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. :D
I hate going out with oiled hair. Increases the existing problems w/ hair.
Congratulations, to sister :)
Yeah, that writer stuff happens a lot to me. Doesn't make sense when I start to sit and pen it down properly :( But u can use that in some other work of your's ;) Say while proposing for a week's leave to the boss for sister's wedding :P

Sindhu :) said...


The problem is.. the writer in me is in deep slumber when I need her help :))

My head is in an irritating situation today :((((

praddy said...

Its nice to be disconnected once in a while

I can see the photo at top right corner, but mine is chrome too, lazy to see it in IE :P:P

hereone i will call u appalamma :D:D can u pls post a pic :D:D

praddy said...

that was here on :P

Sindhu :) said...


NO chance of posting a pic of mine today :))

Check in IE and tell na! We were known to have become good friends only because we used to check all options on chat & msngrs - rember?? :D

Praddy said...

ah flashback solli touch pannita :D

ok posting this comment from IE, i can see you on the tyre swing

Sindhu :) said...

Ah thanks pa :D

My system must be strange then! If only net at home was working x-(

praddy said...

maybe clear ur cache and cookies in IE and try again

Sindhu :) said...

Hmm I do it everyday before I shut down!

I would like my IE to look clean at work :))

Prasad said...

ROFLllllllllllll!!!!! down here in chennai we'll call ya minima :P :DDDDDDDD

i dunno...now y the boss story!!! hhhmmmmmm

Sindhu :) said...


heheh :D

And about the boss - its a 'random' rant, see? :D

Vrij said...

Why this sudden tirade against the boss? Guilt pangs.. trying to negatise our ideas? Don't worry. We will not buy ur campaign.

If u cannot see ur pic in IE, I suggest try updating the same if u r on an older version.

Fiction? If u get a block, keep it aside. restart when u get back into the groove!

Think Tank said...

no the weiter didn't go to sleep ..write whatevr shit u like..later when u come back to it u'll auomatically see a way to improve upon it n comlete ur thing :)

Prasad said...

eeerrrr and i am the so call techie so i wont do any good in y the pic is not commin nd all tht!!!

so u'll bcome the next jk rowling and earn millions!!! :DDD dont u forget my ferrari :DDD

Curious said...

Sinds: We are not actually buying ur idea that ur boss suddenly seems t suck babe! :P :P :P It's ok! :P

I remeber when my bro got hitched... Unfortunately being a rangoli freek worked against me... I must have put kolams that would hav added upto 3 miles long! Grrrrrr!

so engagement at home eh? Do I see apost that rants about why everyone comes to u and say... "Now ur line is clear..needhan next"nu? :P

Appalamma... ROTFL....

Nautankey said...

In my home I have chrome able to see it properly..at work now its IE 6.0 and I see ur photo below the sandwich snap :)

And as many said neither am I gonan buy ur anti-boss remarks,trying to googly us eh?..

Appalammaaa....LOL...sounds better than dhans..and you can donate some oil to nearby bajji/vadai shops I guess.

Wishes for sister's engagement and hope it wud be a good advertising space for u :P

Sindhu :) said...


I am using IE 8 re...

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks man :D

I will maybe keep it aside for sometime now

Sindhu :) said...


Don't worry. if I ever become that huge, just for the words that you said here, I will get that car you wanted :D

Sindhu :) said...


All the people that I have been announcing to that my sister is about to engaged - the first thing they are telling, even before congratulating is - Ohhh! So your line is clear now!!


Sindhu :) said...

:)) Naut

My uncle has already started advertising for me! :D :))

HOBO said...

May be you need a company to discuss to continue...
I love to read the story when completed.
I am think of making a short movie with digital cybershot camera and want my friends to Act.

Sneha Divakar said...

he he.. totally random.. btw i can see a pic of you swinging . is that the one?
its ok. i have more bad hair days than anyone else i know. rather than someone telling me not to wash or oil my hair, my laziness makes my bad hair days

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