Surya S/o Krishnan

I saw the Telugu version of Vaaranam Aayiram on Saturday. Its named Surya S/O Krishnan here.

When I told a couple of my friends about it, they started laughing at me! Sample a couple of things I heard:

"Che! What name is that! I wouldn't even go into the street that's playing this movie"

"You booked tickets for THAT movie??? You are booked! You are lost!!"

"That movie? Its so boring! whatever on made you want to see THAT movie of all??"

It got me a little scared - I spent 500/- after all buying tickets for everyone!!

But after having seen the movie, I am very happy I saw the movie! And personally, I think the money has been very well spent.

Its such a well made movie - it touches all chords that it had to! 

Surya is clearly the hero of the movie - whether he's playing the role of the father or of the son. And what I liked the most was how the director brought out the most important aspects - [1] his admiration & hero-worship of his father [2] his deep sense of attachment to his mother [3] the importance he attaches to the two leading ladies in his life that arrive at two different points in his life & individually make a difference in his life.

All people had to tell me was how much senti the movie was - and having seen it, I think its very important that you actually try to understand his side of story, rather than just see it as an audience. I would say that makes a huge difference.

I always thought Sameera Reddy was a good actress - just that she needed a good break.. and she proved that she can act & how! And she looked so very pretty!! Didn't think too much about Divya before the movie - but realized she is not just a pretty face either! :) Simran - as always a great actress! She was very very good!

And Surya - like I mentioned - is clearly the hero. You should see the movie to understand why I keep stressing on why he is clearly the star here. The dressing or the make-up or more importantly the acting - everything is out of the world. Needless to say - as the movie progresses, he becomes more & more good looking and by the time the movie has ended - He ends up having this effect on girls thats pretty difficult to shake off! :)) One lucky lady Jyothika is!

Music is good too - three of them are especially good - the ones you would keep humming for a long time after you come out of the movie. Pity that Gautham & Harris are breaking up their partnership. They had some good innings together!

Gautham has once again proved that he's not your regular kind of director! He may not be Mani Rathnam or anything of that sort, but given good stories, chances & such great supporting actors - I don't see why he cannot be on his way to becoming another one!

I am very very impressed by the movie. And incase you haven't seen the movie as yet, I would really suggest that you watch the movie & form your own opinion rather than go by what people are saying. This is one of those movies where everybody having the same impression is not possible - its one of those movies that you will need to identify yourself with to actually enjoy the movie :)

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Nautankey said...

Really surprising review.. Most of the girls whom i knew hadnt liked the movie,except for the 6 packs of surya :P. I felt it was bcoz the movie is abt father-son relationship something which they could not relate to it.

It was a long movie but in retrospect I could not find one scene which cud have been edited,every scene was important.

The girls...hmm I thought simran was the cutest,she was too good in the 70s costume n hairdo. Ofcoz had to drink 2 cups of coke in intermission as I had dried out oggling at sameera :P. Divya was pretty average n anyone cud have played that part.

Was an out n out surya movie and he rocked!!

Tarun Goel said...

So you watched this movie!! :P
I have not watched this movie and I don't even intend to but I also[always] believed that Sameera is a good actress....:)
[Can she act anyways??]

Thisisme said...

i havent watched this for sure..
but have heard abt it ...glad at least ur money was not wasted!

Im quite looking fwd to ghajini in hindi..i hope it lives upto its expectations :)

Curious said...

The name's actually pretty stupid - will surely make one think and of the badly done dubbed versions - Gautam should have given this some thought!

Varanam Aayiram did reach to my heart but, it just fell short a couple of inches before actually touching it. But, cheers to all the effort that's gone in - what the team has done is no mean feat.

In the Tamil Version I thought the title was force fit ( like vettaiyadu Vilayadu, Minnale, Khaka Khaka) dosen't really make any sense! this title would have been a perfect fit for Surya's Nanda - has that feel...

For me the film seemed fine as seperate episodes, but to sorta bridge it in a lengthy screen play and view it as a cohesive story - it could have been elaborate in places.

The defining moments of the man's life appeared and disappeared almost instantly - without any emphasis. For eg: Be it the run up to a successful business, or getting in and out of a drug addiction, or joining the army, or falling in love all over again with Divya, or even what according to me should have been the most defining moment - becoming a father himself.

The liberal English usage is fine. It makes the film partially universal. Errr... exactly which dad tells 'good to have you back son'- when he comes back home after seeing his girl dead????

Some of the charecters like - the daughter was like a piece of random furniture, not one seemed to be bothered about her. Son Surya is a man who goes through so much, builds so much character after having loved and lost.

And come on, he cannot marry a lady like a compensatory rebound, like because she was the only one around lounging after him. Poor Divya is the bigger random story decoration furniture..Gautam could have spared a few minutes to show us the person that she really was....

Anyways it did have few few moments I loved... loved the school going surya and the mush in the sameera episode.

Sameera's character was pretty decent and she acted the part out. Love the shots where surya practices punching in front the mirror (I don’t know of a school boy who hasn’t done that), the one where daddy surya holds simran's feet after that antakshari medly and the one where sameera reacted with a subtle 'I so wanted this to happen' shock when she finds surya at her door step in the US.

Anyways lemme stop making this a dissertation and increase the size of this comment any longer... It's a good watch! Atleast to Oogle at Surya, a multiple number of times in the camouflages!

Prasad said...

sameera is awesomeeeee!!! itza nice movie i liked it! surya is as always does a good job...smiran to sum it up my friend said i'd still do her to which i also nodded :P :DDDD and yea divya is also good ;)

and for the lov of god babes! itz jus a movie! phew!!! u watch it in so much detail!

Curious said...

@ Mamz: It's jus one of those random movies that I became very critical towards...saari mamz! :P

Sindhu :) said...


I haven't met too many people either, who liked it.

I could relate very well - because I hero-worship my dad too. Maybe not as idealistic as the movie shows - but its still there.

I thought it was just that you had to identify your r/ship with your father - whether you are a son or a daughter.

Sindhu :) said...


You must see this movie to agree she can act :D

Sindhu :) said...


>:D< You are here again :)

I am looking forward to Ghajini too - want to see Aamir :D

Sindhu :) said...


:)) Thats a lot of detail!

I think the dubbing for Telugu was done pretty well.. And the name's not too bad either..

Agree with you on the defining moments - they were made a part of the story as it moved - not highlighted enough..

About Divya - not sure it can be called compensatory rebound. He took some time to get out of the rut he was in and when he was back to his normal & had some time to think of himself, he found himself thinking of her and thats when she re-appears in his life right? And thats what makes him fall in love with her - that she waited for him that long... I thought it was sweet on her side, though :D

Surya - Sigh! is all I can say about him :))

Sindhu :) said...


:D What all you guys think!! :)))

Sindhu :) said...


Considering its Gautham-Surya-Harris combi, you expected more is it? :D

Sunrays said...

A length review just to justify you like Surya and his 6 packs..... you dont need to be apologetic about it :D

Sindhu :) said...

Too much :))

No... I am a proud fan of Surya - not a bit apologetic about it.

I am not too crazy about six packs though. I think it kind of takes away the natural look of a person. Its way too made up.

So no.. this review is not to justify THAT part :))

Arpita said...

I am quite surprised at the Telugu title. Its really dumb. I mean they have a movie title like that already. Where has all the creativity gone? They could have atleast named it 'Dad' or something like that.

I found the movie a bit depressing. Of course Surya was brilliant. I guess we can safely call him the next Kamal Hassan :p wat say?

Nautankey said...

That was a pretty long review,u outta put a review on the movie. And i think it was good that the sister's part was ignored,else it wud have been an unwanted baggage to the screenplay.

It is surya's story and the script just maintained it. Remember those tamil movies which has comedy tracks in flashbacks..its like yucks man..how will the hero know wat the comedian is upto :)..in that regard I loved the narrative,not one thing was out of surya's perspective or vision.

I guess surya is slightly[say a cm] above kamal as an actor,but kamal has proven himself as a good creator too by making stories which wud feed his talent..surya has a lot to catch up there.

@ sinds,
I know u wanna thank me for replying to comments..still its ok :P

Sindhu :) said...


There was a movie made with that name? In Telugu or Tamil?

I don't remember anything of that sort in Telugu - people here thought it was nice enough - pretty apt for the movie's story.

And yea.. agree that he is on par with KH :)

Sindhu :) said...


:))) .. thanks a Lot!! :D

Because as an actor yourself, your perspective holds a lot of value :)

Anonymous said...

Sin, I felt exactly the same way you've written here when I watched it for the first time. But I got a chance to watch it again and I thought it's a stupid movie. Really.

Sindhu :) said...


Really? :-o

Maybe I will not watch it again then :D I will let these memories stay :))

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