Good times are ahead :)

ok.. enough monkeying around now. Did a lot of that in the last few posts!

On a happy note - 2009 has started off on a really great note for me :) I have a new job with a BIG company with a very good designation and am really really happy about it :)

For most of 2008, I was in bad spirits, often wondering where I was heading to - not even knowing if I was heading anywhere at all! But God has been kind - and decided things should change for me! And for that - Thank You, God! :)

Here's wishing the whole year goes the same great way for me and for everyone else too!

On a different note, a little sad one at that - its very painful to see how people play with relationships. People you trust, people you really take into confidence... people you actually expect support from - its strange how they can just blow the whole trust thing into pieces! I always had this silly thought that the world around me was the ideal place to live in - great people who would always be the epitome of goodness. Am just realizing how wrong I have been all this time.

I would have so liked to share my happiness with so many people - but the way they are behaving and the way they are going around playing games at the back - I am not even interested in sharing my news with them! Like someone was telling - what if the green monster visits them??!!

And its just in the recent times that I have started meeting the right friends too :) Online, offline, neighbours, office - its starting to look like never before! Touchwood - but I really hope this stays. I realize now what a great difference the right kind of friends can make to your life. The kind of lift they can give you when you are really down! And when I told a few of my friends about my new job - actually they felt happier than I was about it. And listening to that made me so happy - that here are the people who are actually feeling happy for me.. instead of trying to find something to crib about - like some relatives usually do :P

And there is the marriage coming up - my sister's! It looks like 4 months away but time flies away before you can ever realize! Mom's already done some shopping in Bangalore and now am waiting for to come home so I can see what all she's bought for me :D There's so much work to be done still - wedding cards, more clothes, more things - more of so many other things! And I really hope dad gets transferred back to Hyderabad from Bangalore! Its difficult having to stay in two different places! It would also ease things for mom, if dad can be here with us!

Lets see how things shape up :)

And for your Rauf Uncle.... with people like you around... I should not have any trouble staying focused :) Thanks!!  :)

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rauf said...

i don know how to add a smiley here bitiya!
How sweet of you !
first of all i don't think you need anybody's support on anything.
you got your own yeddu rightly rightly placed, on the spot, no need to measure.
You are young and you must have fun, all the fun. but it should not take too much of your time as you are at the threshold of your life, stand on your own strength without depending on any one. so your career takes your top priority and time.
its funny that i am giving you some advise when i am pretty reckless myself. Actually i need all the advise in the world. i never had any tomorrow in my life. You have a life ahead and you have to shape it well ALL BY YOURSELF.
You have a lovely handwriting bitiya ! pretty emotional, very very emotional. Its ok if you cry watching a movie. But not in real life. Don't let any one take advantage.
all my love
You are doing fine.
i am smiling.

Sindhu :) said...

Rauf Uncle! Hello :)

Thank you for your kind words! And as kids in front of you - you have all the right to give us advise!

And then, its only with good advise can we shape our lives the right way, right? :)

Thanks about the handwriting :) Did you make that 'I am emotional' statement based on handwriting? Can you do that? I forgot the word they use for study of handwriting!

Take care Uncle! :)

Aaarti said...

Damn nice post Sindhu... i think am coming here after ages!!! :)

i do agree with you on time flying part, whizzz..2008 just flew by...

Here's to awesome things ahead for u this year..
:)and yes, when you coming to chennai girl?

rauf said...

No, you don't need any advise bitiya, You have all the strength to guide yourself in shaping your life.

i don't know the word for reading handwritings. No, i don't know a thing about it. i just felt it that way, forgot to add, very emotional but determined. i can't read my own handwriting. Its so wayward like me. i wrote daylight again on the template. But its worse than a doctor's prescription most of the time.

A doctor was supposed to deliver a lecture, so he had jotted down some notes which he couldn't read himself. ' is there any pharmacist in the audience ?' he asked.

Sindhu :) said...

Hei Aarti! Happy New Year :)

Thanks so much :)

And Chennai.. with the new developments happening... am not so sure now :(

Sindhu :) said...

Rauf Uncle

Maybe you should 'write' a post and put it up, before we take a decision on your handwriting :D

Anonymous said...

You removed that 'fan' post? :O :/
BAD Sin! Anyway, with friends like us around you, you are definitely meeting the right people!

Gayathri said...

I am sorry to say this, but I am offended by Rauf's comment. Where did you 'lose' your focus? We had a bit of fun for 2 days. So what? You lost focus? If you have done what you are supposed to do, and are happy what you are doing with the people you like, what's incorrect?

I don't know Rauf, maybe he is your dad's friend or something, I don't know. Even if he was, I am sure he had all the fun when he was our age(I am assuming he is old coz you address him as uncle).

Anyways, coming to the post, you got a new job? Or got promoted? That's awesome!!! Treat, treat, treat!!! :P

Sindhu :) said...


I agree.. I'm definitely meeting the right people :) :)

And that fan post - didn't want to keep it for so long re..

Sindhu :) said...


It was not like I actually 'lost focus' re :)

Rauf Uncle is 60 years and someone I have known on blogs only..

There was nothing incorrect in what I or we did - we had our bit of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I would probably not shy away from saying am looking forward to more times of that :D

And I deleted the previous post because I didn't want it up too long.... really..

I got a new job re.. more details in chat :D Great details at that!!

Gayathri said...

Ya, I understand. But, we were taking it in the 'wrong direction'?!?!

Sindhu :) said...

No no no!! Not at all!!

It was NOT a wrong direction... maybe he meant that it was not the usual blogging that I do.. or maybe something else..

But no.. we were not wrong!

Sunrays said...

Dont loose your trust in people just cause you had bad experiences with a few.... just be more wiser next time around.

On a happier note....congratualations on your new job....here is wishing you all the best .....and an unmarried boss :p....sorry could not resist that. :)

Cheers and take care!

rauf said...

Bitiya i think Gayathri is right
i shouldn't interfere. This is a youngster's blog and you have fun.

Gayathri, i sincerely apologise for my comment

Gayathri said...

Good one!

Sin, even I sincerely hope you have an unmarried boss. :P

You needn't apologise, you said what you wanted to. :) It's just that we didn't do anything wrong. What if we tease her with someone? All of us know that Sindhu is not interested in any of them. And to stay focused? On what?
Maybe I am missing the bigger picture, maybe I think in a different way from the way you do.

But, I am ready to drop this matter here, uncle.. (if I can call you that) :)

Sindhu :) said...



Even you said that?

:'(( I hurted now

:P :P

Thanks for the wishes! And yea.... going by my past record, I shouldn't be trusting any people at all :D But some people are made like me - never learn lessons :)))) So I guess I will continue trusting :D Which has got me good friends too, now :)

Sindhu :) said...

Rauf Uncle..

You don't have to apologize! Like Gaya said.. you said what you wanted to... why do you have to say that?

And I don't really care whether you are a youngster or not... all that matters is presence of friends! :)

Sindhu :) said...


Peace again, so? :D

And if I had to go by my interviews... my managers are going to be 50+ year old guys :))))

So there goes your chances, again ;)

Or.. is it my chance flying in the air? :-| :(

Praddy said...


Did you know? Chennai is famous for marriage sarees, see here is another attempt to make you come to Chennai :P

Sindhu :) said...


I would actually like to check options in RMKV and Pothy's.. their ads are just too good!

With the new job starting.. am not really sure.. but I really hope I can make it re :) Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Am I invited ?

Aaarti said...

hey babes!!

btw, whats the great new news in life? new job or something else???:D

Sindhu :) said...


What a question! Of course you are!

Sindhu :) said...


Its just a new job... nothing more :))

Gayathri said...

Just a new job? Come on Sin! It's a great position! Swat was right - Modest Meher. :P

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks :))

Yea.. its a great post for sure :)

Bedazzled said...

wow .. someone's on a roll ..here's wishing the dream run continues .. ;-).. and yeah , i am totally with u on the frds bit .. they just make everything so worth it !!

splendid said...

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