Nalam Vaazha

Swat's post inspired this. 

What a song! What lyrics! What music!

Its like.. Ilayaraja is the God and ARR is the Son of the God in our country!

And Arvind Swamy is GREAT in this song. 

I don't understand the second stanza completely though.. anybody care to explain it to me?

nalam vaazha ennaalum en vaazhththukkal
thamizh koorum pallaandu en vaarththaigal
ilavaenil un vaasal vandhaadum
ilanthenral un meedhu panpaadum 

(nalam vaazha) 

manidhargal silanaeram niram maaralaam
manangalum avar gunangalum thadam maaralaam
ilakkanam sila naeram pizhaiyaagalaam
ezhudhiya anbu ilakkiyam thavaraagalaam
viralgalaith thaandi valarndhadhaik kandu
nagangalai naamum narukkuvadhundu
idhil enna paavam edharkindha soagam kiliyae... 

(nalam vaazha) 

kizhakkinil dhinam thoanrum kadhiraanadhu
maraivadhum pinbu udhippadhum marabaanadhu
kadalanil uruvaagum alaiyaanadhu
vizhuvadhum pinbu ezhuvadhum iyalbaanadhu
nilavinai nambi iravugal illai
vilakkugal kaattum velichchaththin ellai
oru vaasal moodi maru vaasal vaippaan iraivan... 

(nalam vaazha) 

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Nautankey said...

Ok ok..please pay in cash for the follwoing translation services[however crude it is] :D

it speaks about the natural phenomenons and exclaims it is normal. First 2 lines abt the sun rising in east n disappearing. next two lines about waves rising up and going down.And then.. yeah the nights dont need the moon,the lamps can show us the thru the darkness..finally.. god closes an entrance to keep another one..

Ok no whistles..just cash :D

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks man

And I ain't paying in cash. Will pay with Biryani from Paradise :D

Prasad said...

wat a song man!!phew!

Prasad said...

kizhakkinil dhinam thoanrum kadhiraanadhu / The Sun rises in the east everyday
maraivadhum pinbu udhippadhum marabaanadhu / Sun set and sun rise cannot change

kadalanil uruvaagum alaiyaanadhu / Waves are created in the sea
vizhuvadhum pinbu ezhuvadhum iyalbaanadhu / Rising anf falling are natural

nilavinai nambi iravugal illai / The nite is not dependent on the moon light
vilakkugal kaattum velichchaththin ellai / the lamp shows the boundries of the light

oru vaasal moodi maru vaasal vaippaan iraivan... / when one door closes the god opens up another!!!

There are a lot of meaning one can decipher from these lines meher! depends on ones perspective! :)

Sindhu :) said...

Ah Prasad

Thanks man :D

And totally agree on your last line :)

Prasad said...

everybody busy today eh!!!!

damm!! um so freekin job less at work!

Anonymous said...

This is a great song, Sin! Have you heard Kaathalin Deepam & Enna Saththam? On the loop for me :D

Prasad said...

at last some activity!!

Gayathri said...

Awesome song. I was about to translate, but it is already done. :)

Swat, which world have you been in? Listening to Kaathalin Deepam & Enna Saththam? Now???? Have you never heard it before? Cha! Insult!!!

Gayathri said...

Forgot to subscribe to comments :D

Prasad said...

am bak home only!!! no mood to work...no activity in the blogs!! cha wat a boring day i tell u!!!

nd to top it no youtube and the only time pass was.....i dint hav this song so i had to sing and torture my team :DDD

Smita said...

Beyond Arvind Swamy everything went over my head :D

But Arvind swamy is too good :)

Gayathri said...

Me had a terribly busy day at work. :( But, I can't stop humming this song. :P

Listening to Jai Ho from Slumdog to control my humming. :D

Prasad said...

IIO!!! i hate busy days at work!! so i never hav em! :P :DDDDD

Sindhu :) said...


kaathalin Deepam.. not sure I heard

Will check out.

And what site do you use for downloads?

Sindhu :) said...


Agree.. AS is way too good!!! I loved him in whatever few movies he was part of!

Anonymous said...

Dee- I have been hearing them from past few months! See, Sin didn't know about Kaadhalin Deepam! :P So I did a good thing by telling her ;)
Sin- I just google for it :P But today I used this awesome thing called 4sharedsomething

Sindhu :) said...


yea yea.. that site.. I used for some other song downloads too.

Will try that from home

Vivek said...

can anyone post the literal translation of each line from this song.....it would be really good to know.....thank you

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