You know - God sure is there! All around you!

And He sends all His wishes and help through people in the most unexpected of ways. And its all those small, fine things in life - like getting a lift unexpectedly, like having the right kind of people beside you in a situation, like having a friend with you just when you run out of that extra Rs.50/- you needed suddenly... its times like these that you feel really thankful to God for His fairies!

I may not be thinking of you constantly, Oh Friend! But please accept this as a humble thanks to You for all that You do for me and humble prayer that You always stay by my side like always! :)

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Nautankey said...

Enna aachu did god send ur dream man thru his fairies? :)

Sindhu :) said...

Haha no man!

Thats the last thing on mind now! ;)

Anonymous said...

God has its own plans.
Best-Wishes always !!!

Sindhu :) said...

I agree Hobo!

And thanks - as always :)

Praddy said...

eh what? drunk or sober :P ?

why o why? what happened :P ?

Sindhu :) said...

Haha Lol

Too much :))

Very much in senses.... don't worry :P :D

Tarun Goel said...

I thought you will talk about iStockPhoto,or smthng else but I blinked and this post was over.
So finally u have changed the profile pic :D
This one looks like a lady Don :D

Anand said...

U know..."God is everywhere" - is a concept.
So is - "attracting things towards you" is, when you need them the most.

Tell u something. Think about it and let me know if u decide wot Im gonna say now seems right.

"EVERYTHING happens in your thoughts. What u see happening after your thoughts (regarding yourself only), whether conscious or subconscious, with your eyes, are jus the after-effects of your own thoughts."

Too much ?? Lol.

Sindhu :) said...


:)) Did you really expect that? :D

And the pro pic - huge change from my prev one, ain't it? :D

Sindhu :) said...


Makes sense.... but I am the kind that believes that even those thoughts are creations of God! :)

Smita said...

Ah!!! an honest & sweet post :-)

Sindhu :) said...


Thank youuuu :) >:D<

Prasad said...

kadasi poto le yaru antha figure ;) :P

Sneha Divakar said...

yes ma'am, your demand to see pics is fulfilled...
and how it goes?

Sindhu :) said...


Please ask istock.com :D They are the owners of that picture ;)

Sindhu :) said...


I loved your pic collage! Sooper fun time, you had, na? :)

And things are going great with me yaar! Touchwood :)

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