It is a sad state

Can't believe the stuff that is happening to women in India. I'd have liked to say - Rural India, in the hope that the urban men are more educated and hence more decent in the way they approach women. But looks like it isn't something that is limited only to the rural areas. How difficult is it for a human being to respect and give space to another fellow human being? 

You don't have to go by 'Love Thy Neighbor' and go around loving everybody around you even when you don't want to and can't. We all are normal human beings after all and getting angry or upset with someone next to you is but natural. But can't people make that little judgement about what is acceptable behavior and what is not? What comes over them that they decide to fall down so much in terms of their character and actions that they feel the need to violate someone's existence like that?

The news about the mother molested and shot to death (five times - in her head!) somewhere in Meghalaya, in front of her husband and children was more than revolting and saddening. I couldn't even the imagine the lengths of depravity that people go to, to be able to do something as heinous as that.

Governments, rules, policies, committees - all is fine. But what can you do about something that is in someone's head? How can anyone change that, but themselves? I've seen that education is good to an extent, but honestly, education doesn't equal decency and many people - men & women - irrespective of their level of education, act so mental and their behavior isn't what a decent society should be witnessing. 

Change in thinking. Change in perception. Change in judgement. Change. That is all we need. And that is all that there is a shortage of.

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Sri said...

Hi...just came to your blog from your comment on subbulakshmi's blog..

i am not sure if you are the person I know so just thought i would comment..don't want to mention your name incase your blog is personal...did you study CS at Digvijay should be the best way to identify!

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