The other day, I was going thro G3's archives and came across the one about pretensions. I consider myself very imaginative . Once I start thinking about something, it just catches on and ideas just start rolling in. But I have enough sense to keep those ideas to myself, instead of telling it to others. Who knows--somebody might find them really stupid. Especially when people like G3 are around :D :D 

      This one is about a girl, P, my classmate when I was in my 8th Std in '97-'98

      Me was doing my schooling in Madras then in one of the best schools. This particular girl had a high sense of self-esteem. She used to behave like she was some beauty queen,while the truth is--she was a SHORT, FAT girl [No offence meant, but she really was!!!] She had such a big, round tummy that we could actually measure the diameter of her tummy if she had allowed us. The two years that we were in the same section, there was many a time this thought had crossed my mind :D :D

      It was after the 7th std annual holidays and everybody were back in school in full josh. Everybody were excitedly discussing as to who did what and who went where. One 'hi-fi' girl was telling about all her previous trips abroad-Swiss, US, UK, germany and so on and how she had tasted all drinks ranging from Vodka to Scotch to Whisky and all that stuff!! We were all like Oh Really??!!! :O :O :O [Drinking by girls was a big taboo, u see!!!  :D :D]

     Suddenly we noticed that this girl, P was unusually quiet. So I ventured to ask her-"What P, what did u do and where did u go?" .She started off quite animatedly with how she had been to Malaysia . One of her aunts supposedly stays there and that lady supposedly LOVES this girl a lot. Whenever she comes down to India, she usually showers her with a lot of goodies and gifts. And she went on about her aunt for sometime, before someone asked about what she did in her holidays, bringing her back to this world. And then started the story. It seems she had been to this Malaysian shopping fair where the world's best companies come and sell their wares. And then followed the main highlight.

      It seems, when her aunt had come to India the last time, she had gifted her a watch which was very beautiful, but  quite big for her hand. Now this girl, as I told previously, was fat herself. And we were all quite amused that she got a watch that was actually loose on her hand. She actually showed the dial of her watch as someting really big--she cupped her palms like a lotus to form some big, odd circle and told us that it was that Big. We were all like-- :-O :-O??? Ever seen a wrist watch that has such a big dial ?? But we decided to let her go on and she did.

      She had worn this watch, it seems, when she went to the fair. And the fair was very crowded. She enjoyed a lot and she played on all the fun things that were there and all that. And finally when they all decided that they should go home, she suddenly noticed that her watch was not there. After all, it had been loose on her hand, rite?? :( :(   Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!  And so, she started crying. And they went around the whole fair searching for her watch, but in vain. And so, they finally gave up on the big beautiful watch. Her aunt pacified her telling that it was ok. And in her own words---her aunt was very "OPEN-HEARTED" :D :D :D [Supposed to be Large-hearted].

      By the time P completed her story, all of us listening to her were trying very badly not to laugh on her face, lest she starts sulking and feels bad[we had some manners at that time, u see :D :D]. After the story, she excused herself and off she went to the canteen for some more samosas and chips. That was it. All of us burst out laughing after her and laughed until we cried.

     If this story was one high, after a few days, she narrated another one that touched another high. It went like this.

     On one her supposed trips to Singapore, her whole family and relatives decided to join her. There were sooooooooooooooooo many people, according to her, that-HOLD YOUR BREATH-they decided to book an ENTIRE plane just for themselves. We were all like---- :O :O :O!!! Now this was heights!!! All of us wore stunned, perplexed, bewildered and wore all kinds of expressions that can come up in such a situation. But Madam went on without any attention to our faces. 

    Once they were settled in the plane, they decided that they should have some fun. So they started playing Antakshari, it seems. In the plane!!! And then , another bouncer here. They opened all their windows in the plane, because it was getting hot. The reason she gave--they were nearer to the sun now, than on the ground level!!! And now there was this little 2 year old kid who was sitting beside the window watching out at the clouds . And suddenly, the girl slipped out of the window[Windows in planes are that big??? I never noticed that during my times of flight travel]. But these people were busy with their antakshari and dint notice. After some time, they suddenly noticed that she was not there. And when they looked out of the window, they saw the girl falling down.[What was the plane doing till then??? Standing in the air without moving???] And so, they ran to the cockpit and told the pilot what had happened. And the Pilot--now listen to this--took a u-turn and dived down after the kid!!! And our heroine P stood near the door and caught the kid just before she hit the ground [The kid had been still fallin after so much time]!!! That  was how she saved the girl's life.

    At the end of this story, all of us listening to it din't know whether we should laugh at it for her stupidness or cry for her belief that we would lap up her story. Did she think that we all were that stupid???!!!  What made these stories all the more laughable was the fact that all of us knew she had never stepped out of Tamil Nadu also, at that time. None of us really had a great impression about her and these stories only strenghtened it.

All of us have imaginations that run wild at times. We might even cook up some filmy, heroic situations. But dreaming of situations like this is one height and telling it aloud to everyone else is another height of stupidity!!!

   One of my friends, after listening to this told me that we should actually appreciate her imagination, although the situation was funny. But I differ!! I think it was rather stupid of her. What do u guys think??!! Any of you encountered such characters in your life??     

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