I am sure everybody in this world has this question on mind currently......

There is so much of violence going around.......so much sadness and grief and all because of some stupid fanatics. What started out as a few handful of extremists has now grown into  full-blown, full time terrorist organisations, who are going around creating havoc and chaos in the lives of innocent people :(

The blasts  near US embassies, the blasts in Egypt and the serial massacres in Iraq are all very disturbing. The latest in the news........the killing of Suryanarayana and the massacre in J&K. Both of them are such gruesome murders that it makes one think if there is any humanitarian feeling left in those cold blooded murderers. The whole thing makes them look so pathetic.........

Suryanarayana is not the first man to be killed by the Talibans, nor is it the first murder by the Talibans that has made waves in the international news. Remember the Daniel Pearl case?? I was actually stunned when the news first came out......he happened to be the first guy I took notice of in connection with these Taliban kidnappings. And a year after that, the video of how he was beheaded.....the one that was sent by them......was making rounds in emails. One look at it and I was ready to puke. I didnt even have the courage to sit till the end. The image of it as I write this is still making my stomach churn like the grinder and my legs feel weak. :( :( :( And more recently, Maniappan Kutty was murdered. And now, Suryanarayana. All this only because they are from 'enemy countries' and because they are helping the current government, which is supposedly Anti-Islamic. Building up a nation from its ruins and developing relationships with better developed countries is Anti - Islamic? Do these guys even know what it is to be Pro - Islamic and Anti-Islamic is? All the brutal and cruel things that they are doing.........do they think that it is 'Pro - Islamic'?   And the J&K massacre is no less. All of them were Hindu Pundits...........and innocent ones at that. What did they ever do to deserve that kind of a treatment in their hands?? :(

Back home, we have our own Hindu Extremists, who are, thankfully, still not as brutal as them, but dangerous in their own way. The murder of Graham Staines has been the biggest blot on Indian History. Dara Singh and his comrades created a page for themselves in history in such a way that no normal person would have liked to have. And if the present situation continues, with more and more Hindus being killed innocently, it would not at all come as a surprise if tommorrow something bad happens and an organisation calling itself as a group of Hindu Extremists claims responsiblity.

The only thing that goes around in my head time and again is........all these religious fanatics who claim that they are doing this only out of love for their religion........do they really think that the God above appreciates all this? Their quest for their entry into paradise and eternal happiness.....do they really think that the Mighty One above will be really impressed with what they are doing and grant them the paradise they are looking for?

 God is a compassionate being. Why would He ever want His disciples to do something that would harm another being just to appease Him?  When He tells us 'Love thy neighbour' and 'See me in others and serve them as if you were serving Me' and all those things.......why would he ever contradict Himself to tell us.......go kill someone who doesnt believe in me but another form??

I know a small hope from me would not do any difference here, but still...........the eternal hope persists that all ends well and people do get to understand that humanity is more than religion and that God can be appeased, irrespective of our religion and is based only on our love for Him.

As Eleanor Powell says...... “What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” What can be a better gift to Him other than becoming a better human?

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