A few lessons to learn - and please note: VERY IMPORTANT LESSONS!
1] Never trust anyone too much outside your family circle. [Rare cases, families also not to be trusted, but happily & thankfully in my case, I have the best :)] Its just not a done thing to trust anyone blindly to the extent that you allow yourself to be hurt to the most extent possible!

2] Even if its people that you meet on an every day basis & interact with them regularly, don't trust them even then. Everybody has a facade - I do, you do, he does, she does. Never ever forget that!

3] DON'T, for heaven's sake, trust people on the net blindly with personal details. That can turn out to be the single most biggest fault you can do in you life! I am not saying everyone you meet on-line is bad - for eg. I am not a bad girl ;) I am more of an agel o:-) :D - but for the major part, you had better not trust people! If you miss out on wonderful people, its ok - but its certainly better than getting trapped with the bad varieties, while in search of that wonderful friend!! I know I have found some really nice friends on net, but a few recent incidents have me a little scared :)

[So for all of those friends reading this post - please don't mind. Your name is not inluded in the 'do not believe' list >:D<]

4] Don't get emotionally attached & dependent on anyone! I know its not as easy as it sounds, but the bitter fact is the more you start depending on them, the more chance you are giving them to hurt you. Again, I am not saying everybody will do that, but why take a chance in life when you can avoid certain things? :)

I wish I could say some more things, but at this point of time, my brain has pulled up only this much. Been long since I posted anything actually - not sure if I would be able to post anything! But a lot of things on my mind - had to write something to vent out the frustration!

The world is a grandly screwed up place. Period.

[And for anyone reading this place, please don't think am a pessimist! Like I said before, I am just venting it off :)]

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Praddy said...

how come you read my mind :O

all well?

Meher :) said...

Oh.. I was just trying to see if I could read minds.. looks like you are my first victim :D :D :D

am fine.. hows things with you??


Thisisme said...

completly agree again..but have to say..i m v choosy when it comes to net frnds..i really ..net kya..u canttrust even real life ke ppl..so net toh is out of question..but nonetheless..i have made some awesome net frnds..like u >:D<

Meher :) said...

GBe :)

>:D< thanks for the compliment re!! :) absolute pleasure to have you a friend :)

[Thats why the notice there... :D :D]

dharmabum said...

the internet sure is a little sleezy. and completely agree abt the dependency (and for me - its not difficult)

but i do trust people. and i don't think the world is all that bad.yet. for there are angels (in your own words) like you - they grossly outweigh the devils (and bums!)

Meher :) said...

outweigh the bums??? :D

which category are you putting yourself in, considering you call yourself a bum? :D

dharmabum said...

too damn lousy to fall in the angel category, and simply too lazy to be actually scheming evil things. what would that be, the bum category? ;)

Meher :) said...

Haha.. no :D

I would say thats the best way to be.. atleast we are at peace with ourselves, right? :)

Gayathri said...

Allo! Me the present in the "Angel" list. Right? But, sweetie, no need to worry about the judgemental world. This is your space and you can say what you damned-well please! ;-)

Meher :) said...


Ofcourse you are present.. if not, I wouldn't be looking forward for the lunch at Little Italy :D :D :D

Joel said...

Venting can be good every now and then. Hope the world seems a bit brighter today. Keep blogging. Cya, Joel...

Anil P said...

'Trust' actually makes me smile for, it means different things to different people.

Charity said...

Keep up the good work.

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