Saawariya??? Hai Allah!!

Back from a movie on Diwali Night!

The second time I went out for a movie on a Diwali Night. I still remember the night almost 12 years back when I went to see the Prabhu Deva-Nagma starrer - Premikudu [Kaadhalan in Tamil & I think its Humse hain Muqabla in Hindi]. It was one wonderful movie and the memories of it are still fresh in my mind. Even now, I wudn't mind seeing it any number of times :)

And today, I wanted to repeat the same again, only to have the opposite happen!

I saw Saawariya today - the very same - very hyped - supposed to be the biggest hit Saawariya from the Bhansali Attic!

Bhansali Stable would have been a better word, but I would prefer to use Attic bcause by the time you are through with the movie & try to come out [I use try because you are trying to stand up on your own feet] your brain feels so very 'cob-webbed' that you wonder if you just got out of an attic with cob-webs all around and just darkness all over!

I have nothing against SLB, but this movie is by far his baddest movie ever! I could even manage to sit through Devdas somehow, but this one was just way too much torture :(

I have a couple of questions for the director of this movie - Mr. SLB:

1] whats the movie about?

2] What actually was the idea behind all those dark, drab settings? I do understand that you had something really creative in mind, but let me tell you - you failed miserably when you tried to put it on screen.

3] Why was there no morning at all in the movie? Why was it night ALL the time?

4] Where is the place supposed to be based on? Moulin Rouge's next door neighbor?

5] What was Salman Khan doing in the movie?? You pulled him in to separate the other-wise good looking couple, who could have looked cute together? Salman Khan - why did you do the role? :( Do you understand that you actually had nothing to do in the movie? Absolutely nothing???!?!?

And I can't help but repeat myself... Why, oh WHY was the whole movie based on darkness and nights?? SLB, do you understand that it actually is contributing to the movie's downfall??? There's not ONE bright moment in the movie - we need to satisfy ourselves with the once-in-a-while bright lighting provided in the bar/from the bar [named expectedly - RK Bar]

And the most important question - what IS the theme of the movie? Why did you make it? What were you trying to convey?

Acting wise - Not bad! Ranbir has it - he just needs a better story & good direction and he can create magic. I expected a loooooooooooooooot from the girl actually - she looked v v pretty in the promos and thats what she does in the movie too - look pretty, giggle every now & then & thats just about it! Nothing much to do except, cry, laugh, giggle & give coy looks in continuous succession. And yeah... she is no pros., as is being made out. She is just a normal girl.

I did not expect this movie to be a master piece, but I certainly did not expect this to be such a big hammer either :( And add to it - the theater's A/c was in full blast and we were right in the way of the cold air blast! Bad bad state of affairs :(

I agree with Raja Sen from rediff... SLB hams & how!!:(

My verdict?? DONT watch it, for heaven's sake! When I saw Raja Sen's review & 1.5 * rating, I thought - I should see this movie to know WHY it got only 1.5, why it was that bad as told & what made it that bad. But now am thinking - why did I not pay heed to Raja Sen's review???

Don't watch this movie. if you still think u should see it, then do so only when you have no other job on hand. And if you miss this movie, you have missed nothing at all! The only worthy thing to be mentioned in the whole movie is Rani Mukherji - the seasoned actress that she is - she is the only who made some sense with her acting!

22 wrote about this one!:

Prasad said...

LOL!!!! thanks for the warning!

Meher :) said...


My pleasure completely to warn people :D :D :D

Thisisme said...

agreeeeeeeee completely abt saawariya! >:D<
waise watch OSO..its a better one..i enjoyed it.

and i m back to blooging on blogspot though...check out my post too..

Meher :) said...

GBe >:D< so good to see you here re!!

thanks for agreeing re :D :D I was starting to doubt myself & my tastes :D

dharmabum said...

hey, thanks for the visit, and ur welcome to drop by more often - do look forward to ppl's views.

i wouldn't watch it if u paid me. its one of those movies that i have a block against - one look and neither the hero nor the heroine impressed me. plus, i have become choosy abt hindi films - they're quite stereotyped.

oh, and u actually liked kadhalan? yech...barring nagma, there wasn't anything worthwhile abt the movie i think ;)

dharmabum said...

oh my god - are u online just now? got a shock of my life - came here, read the post with, commented, came back - and lo! the theme of your page had changed!

PS: nice name. the smiley makes it all the more nicer :)

Meher :) said...

Dharma :))

Yeah.. am online :D :D :D

And meddling with the templates :))

And no. I will pay you not to watch the movie :D :D :D

Meher :) said...

And hey.. thanks about the name :)

dharmabum said...

its changed again. i think i like the yellow best - so far atleast. suits you - bright and beautiful!

Meher :) said...

Dharma :))

Thats quite a picture you have about me..

am still meddling.. keep watching :D

Anil P said...

Looks like folks will go to watch it if only to find out how bad it is :)

Meher :) said...


That was the sole reason I went too - to find out WHY it got only 1.5 star rating.. :D :D :D

Pulikesi said...

new blog space?...looks good...hahaha..saawariya...i was smart enough not to go for it;-)..checked out Om shanti om..its average..watch paruthiveeran...a must watch..

Pulikesi said...

"A few lessons to learn"...hehehe...you could have written this blog in three words...dont trust frenchita:-))...

Meher :) said...

Aah.. there comes the Imsai Arasan Pulikesi :D :D :D

Yeah.. New place - lots of thing pushed me away from o3 :))

I am trying to get my hands on paruthiveeran re.. need to watch it. Maybe this weekend.. will try!

OSO - am waiting to see it :D

And :)))))))))) too much about the trust thing! I would reserve my comments on that.. lets discuss over the chat on that one :D

Phoenix said...

Hey Meher,

New to your blog here. Quite a nice place you got here.

Alright, I am not a big Hindi film fan. Thanks for headsup on Saawariya. Now that I wouldn't watch it, it cannot worsen the feelings I already have towards Hindi movies.

Maybe you could another post on some hindi movie you liked soon. I might just be inspired to watch it myself.

Take care

ellen said...

Hi Meher,

So nice to see you again indeed! :-) You know, I liked the previous post you wrote - not 'trusting' people. It was interesting.

As I would very much agree, still I wouldn't want to be left out from trusting all the other wonderful and good people we come to meet up close or on the Internet. For instance, our good friends in o3.

But it's also wise to choose who we trust. Better to get to know the person much more than just a few hi's and hello's.

Take care always. God bless you and your family.

Meher :) said...

Hey Phoenix welcome here :)

Me new to blogspot too.. :)

And abt the movie... well.. it was my opinion.. :D Lots of people seem to have a different opinion though - the audience is vastly separated into Likes and don't likes for this movie and am a front runner in the Don't Likes :D :D :D

Will surely post a review again if I ever find anything worth it :) Keep coming back

Meher :) said...

Hey Ellen > :D < !!!!

Exactly my point too - better be really careful about the prople we are talking to and are thinking of trusting - and also agree on the friends made on o3!! :) Have some of the MOST wonderful friends from there - but again, its the same place which threw up some people who inspired this post too ;o) :D

J akka :) said...

Hi SIN....

It's crime to leave us there. :(:(:(

dharmabum said...


sridhar said...

well, i liked the movie... i haven't met any other person who did...

the movie has a lot in it... u cannot understand if you have never been in love :P

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