Life eej hard

CAT & SNAP results out.. and I fared my worst ever in both of them...

God has brought me crashing down to Earth, just when I was feeling smug about myself that my worst would actually be 'not bad' in normal terms.... :D

But more than anything, its the after effects that grates me!! I feel so much like a loser, I am not able to talk to my dad properly...!! I feel guilty! My dad's a little disappointed I know.. but the great dad that he is, he works well not to show it. I LOVE you dad!! :) And Mom also!!! My biggest strenght that she is :)

Ok.. getting back to my failure rants, the problem now is - I need to answer my dad with some good answer when he asks me what am I going to do next. To be really really frank & honest - I am not bothered! I really don't want to do anything - no MBA stuff, no 9-5 job stuff, no tensions about work and all those connected things.. but I also have this small pointer pricking into my brain that says - Duffer, thats not possible!! Because if you have to have money for your shopping, you will need to earn them!!! Now that brings me back to go booohoooo... :((((

But even then, I really don't want to do an MBA!! I have this very serious feeling its just not for me. And in case I don't want to an MBA, the worst part comes up then - what is it that I want to do? And to be honest I really don't know!!! I have never had any big ambitions to be a CEO of some big company or something like that and now when I am faced with this decision, I feel lost. All I ever wanted was to marry a rich - I mea RICH guy who is also humble and down to earth, so I can swim around in riches and yet have a husband who is grounded :D :D :D

But I understand its empty dreams!! All I know is - I need to be earning something to keep some money for myself, rather than go stand infront of my husband with my palms outstretched - Boss.. I need money for shopping or I need money for paying the bills or I need money for buying that for the kids and so on!! :D

Which brings me back to... :( waaiiiiiiiiiiiiil!!! Life isn't fair to everyone you see! Only Nita Ambani was born like that!

Phew! What to do! Life is tough and like the Mintrox ad says - Life eej hard

On a completely different note, I came across this site for bollywood movie reviews and this guy has THE BEST reviews ever!!! You MUST MUST read those!! I would say they are the best reviews I ever read. I especially loved the one for TZP & Saawariya :))



And yes re.. I almost forgot.. I saw TZP on my system [must see the movie in the theater too, once] And its an AWESOME AWESOME movie!! And seriously, only Aamir Khan can make a movie like that! What a movie! And what acting? I cried 4 times when I first saw it. And then I again saw it the same day [advantages of having the mvoie on ur system :D] and cried 4 times again :D have seen it for around 6 times till now in the last 4 days!

I looooooooooved AK in that!! You know.. not the kind of love I would say for diCaprio.. :D this is more like.. respect, honor and things on that plane! Sigh! And the kids were very very good too - Ishaan & Yohan!!

And Tisca Chopra - special mention to you - I have always thought you were a good looking lady, but now I say, you are a good looking lady, who also acts really well!! :) looking forward to more of your work, lady!! :) [I do hope u are reading this and take time to write me a message :)]

Ok.. thats the end of my random rantings. Thanks for bearing with me :D

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Prasad said...

LOL...LOL....marriage bells ringing eh!!! :DDDD

nd hhmmmm i havent watched TZp yet....will watch it sometime!

Meher :) said...

Prasad.. thanks for being someone who is regular to comment :D Blogspot is too much x-(

And marriage bells ah?? enge? epdi? :D Payyan ille.. engendhu bells ellam!!

TZP is must watch re.. you should see it :)

Prasad said...

netime :DDDD i jus go thru only very little blogs...nd only a few of the old timers actually blog now!!

athudhan rich payyan irrukane :P :DDDDD

Meher :) said...

Ah Prasad!! Thanks!! :D If it wasn't for you commenting here & my replying bac.. myblogs would end up with 0 comments ;))

Rich payyan ille pa.. :( Still in the search.. Fiza movie ku.. "in search of her brother" nu tag line poduvaangale.. apdidhaan.. ippo naa "Meher.. In search of her Man" :))))))

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLllllllllll!!!! appo oru padam eduthudalam!!!! Starring Meher nd..... :DDD

yea many hav changed frm o3....dunno but blogspot is not as gud as how o3 used to be....but i still stick to o3 even if itz bcom a borin place nowadays!

Meher :) said...


Aama.. ippo adhu onnudha pending irukku.. adhuvum senjita.. I would have completed a full cirlce in my life :D :D :D :D :D Aana question - yaru kudupanga enakku chance heroine ah?? :D And yeah.. the hero had better be good :D :D :D :))

The only reason is tuck to o3 till late October and arouns was because of the networking on it re... I had seen many including blogspot, but nothing like it used to be anywhere else!! And I was sure I would never leave o3...

But due to circumstances and various situations :D :D :D & the boring errors, I changed. Saw others.. thought this was better.. and considering people were shifting to this one only.. I thought it would be nice here.. but all expectations gone waste! x-(

Vrij said...

Hmm.. so bachchi finding life to b hard.. hmm...

And thanx for the links of the reviews.. amazing!

Prasad said...

LOL...LOL...so i guess the reason for shifting is wasted eh!!!! but nothing lik posting a couple of thoughts nd stuff....even tho ppl dont comment i know many ppl do read it!! so all in all purpose is met :DDDD nd many of the ppl on o3 r not jus blog pals...they r more of friends!

nall herova....hhmmmmm telugu land le pathuduvom :DDDD

Meher :) said...


Yeah re.. bacchi in lots of trouble..what to do.. :(

Meher :) said...


Yeah..basically shifting to blogspot has done little for my craze about comments :D :D if anything.. it has gone worse.. I was getting atleast 25-30 comments over in o3 :)))))

And I surely agree with you on the pals one!! Have found some of the BEST people over in o3.. that can't be denied!!!

And Teluguland la paakalam.. aana I am basically a shy person you see :D So can't really go out and do things on my own in matters like this :D :D :D :D

Prasad said...

LOL...u must act solo in matters lik this ;) otherwise help help nu everything will go wrong ;))))

LOL @ the num of comments...i guess u need to build grp here on spot...go to some blogs nd leave comments ur bound to receive bak :DD

Meher :) said...


Bingo :D Thats what I am actually doing!!! I have been going around different blogs and leaving comments. in the hope that people would get back to me... :)) Am still waiting though :o)))))

But one good thing is.. atleast I am coming across some good ones.. so good enough time pass :D :D :D :D

Prasad said...

pass me the links will ya...i'll also do some tp :DDDD

Meher :) said...

Oh sure.. they will arrive next in e-mail... please check your e-mail for more details :))

Prasad said...

u hav my email!!!!! hhmmmmmmm

Meher :) said...

hhe..thanks jee :D

dharmabum said...

i tried belling the cat once. faired ok, but not even close to being competitive. but what that exam did to me was different - it gave me a lot of confidence, for i hadn't prepared, was going thru phase when i was losing my confidence in myself. that exam told me i could still fight it out, if i wanted to. after that, there was no looking back. i never tried again, but i have gone and done other things and am happy with myself.

i don't know why there are so many ppl competing for these MBA exams. well, the obvious answer is coz MBAs get fat salary cheques. to me, money hasn't been the primse motive, ever. maybe coz i have had a fairly good childhood, being provided well with whatever i needed and most of what i wanted too.

i think sometimes we need to sit and think about what is it that we want from life, and also what it is we wanna give life. the answer usually leads us to where we need to go :)

warm new year wishes and good luck to you :)

Meher :) said...


Actually, this was my second attempt.. the first time I tried without preps, I scored around 85 :)) That made this score all the more disgusting :D :D :D

I thought the same would repeat this year. But Alas... :)

If I really looked in and thought seriously on what I want to do, I would come up with something totally different for sure... but then, not everything you want happens all the time, right? :)

dharmabum said...

it is a train of thought. i wouldn't wanna take it. i tend to believe that what happens to us is exactly what we want. if it doesn't, either we didn't want it bad enough, or we didn't need it.

i scored 92 no prep too. not bad huh! talk about bragging :D

Meher :) said...


92 no preps is a very good thing indeed!

And what you said about the train of thought is.. hmm...maybe you are right... but I am more into the destiny types - I would say - how much ever you want or don't want, if something has to happen, it will happen, come what may. and If something is not destined to happen in your life... it will not, come what may :)

Different people, different perceptions? :D

lostpatrol said...

beautifool world it is out there..and here it izz all gold!

Meher :) said...

LP unle..

>:D< So good to see you here :)

and talking about fools' wold?? Agree.. thats what the world is like :D

dharmabum said...

i am very much the destiny types too. but our faith in the cosmic intelligence, i feel, must not lead us to inactivity. to act, armed with the firm fath in the divine will, is freedom.

Meher :) said...

Oh no.. dint mean to say we must keep quiet and let things happen...!

Totally agree with what you said - "our faith in the cosmic intelligence must not lead us to inactivity"

If you just keep quiet without doing anything, I would say - you are destined to remain a couch potato type of person all life with nothing worthwhile :))

No.. we must do what needs to be done from our end for sure.. :) Like they say... do your best and leave the rest - to God :)

Vrij said...

Arre can u send me a copy of the links email u sent to Pras.. me too lookin out for good blogs..

Meher :) said...

:)) Will do VB

Will forward them

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