Why me?? :(

CAT Results are out!

I did not prepare for the exam.. wrote the exam because my dad wanted me to.

I forgot about the application form completely and remembered it only on the last day! I had to call my dad in Bangalore and get the application over the counter from IIM B, since the close date was already past here. But not without having to hear a few things from my dad for being so careless :D

I started what you can call as preparation. Working and studying together is not an easy thing, more so, when you have a night job. And when you know its an exam like CAT, you can only be sure that its out of question to think you can clear it without proper preparation. I told the same to dad - Please, I don't want to write it, I am not prepared enough. But my dad - ever optimistic - said, No Dear, what's wrong in giving it a shot? If you get through, its good enough, if not, then no problem!! We are not expecting anything great!!

He managed to convince me somehow!! Though not completely, I would say! :D

I wrote the exam - and I thought - not too bad. I was not expecting great scores, but then, I did not think I fared too bad either!! I felt smug about my intelligence then, which I realise was a mistake at that time :((

I saw the results yesterday - got the message through sms from Rediff! And horrors of horrors! I flunked! I mean.. I knew something like that might happen considering I am not so friends with quant, but the scores I got were DISGUSTINGLY & FRUSTRATINGLY low!! I had never ever got something like that till now :(( I was like - WHAT THE HELL!! This is not mine??!!!

But then, I had to come to terms with it - I HAD got those sick, shameful marks! And yeah, I am feeling truly down & ashamed now! I feel so useless!!!! And to think, I felt I was intelligent!!!!

I would like to question God - Why me!! :( But then, what can I expect too? I mean.. I was the one who did not prepare or do well! My fault only, right?? :((

But still... Why this??!! :((((((

Gawwwwwwwd!!!!! I feel like everybody's looking at me like I am a piece of dirt!!

Are you thinking the same too? :(

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Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLL!!!! chillax madi!!! therez no shame in gettin low marks!! i lived thru this all my coll life nd still had the best days there!!! nd trust me whn i say low mars in coll i really mean it!!

so jus chill nd try harder next time nd relax! nd all the best for next year!! mayb i'll join the cat gang by den ;)

Meher :) said...

Hey Prasad!!

Thanks re!! That helps!!

And u joining CAT gang too?? That should be fun then :D We can exchange notes and prepare better :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

hey kid, relax...trust me... failure is the stepping stone to success! now that u hav had a go, u can expect what to prepare the next year round... and all the best...!

Meher :) said...


Thanks for that :)

Its just that - am not used to failures.. and considering my scores... all the more irritating :D

And BTW.. are you whom I call as my online daddy?? [Usually he is the one who calls me kid :D]

Prasad said...

oohhh!!! eerrrr...um not so sure on joining the gang yet..:P but lets c!! if it has to happen it'll happen! :DDDD

sridhar said...

here's dad!!!

Meher :) said...


don't worry.. even I am not sure if I will continue to be a part of it :D :D :D

Meher :) said...



so good to see you here :)

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