Back to work and Its been THE WORST Monday ever!!

Haven't had such a bad Monday even in my college days or School days!

The last one week was pretty good! Had fun! Lots of it! Laughed so much - never laughed that much in my life till now :)

The conditions were pretty rough this year! It was way too cold with temps hovering between 5 c and 10 c! The nights were horribly chilly! We were wearing our jackets/sweaters, gloves, socks and then crawled into really thick bed-rolls and then covered ourselves with a thick mink rug with four of us huddled under one rug and we were still shivering under all the layers! It was that cold.

Mornings were no less. It was around 11 or 12 in the noon before the cold actually went down. Till that time, it was just a warm glow from the sun, with cold winds blowing around. And again by 4 in the evenings, it started getting cold and then back to shivering!

And staying in tents hardly helped :D The thin layers of cloth on top & sides just added to our woes. Too much work, too many pilgrims to be managed, not enough space for all of them to put up together - was a lot of hard work, but then fun too...

But the saddest part is, it was so much of hard work, that we hardly knew time was flying by. Before we could even realise what was going on and get adjusted to the conditions, the whole trip got over and we have been thrown back into our normal routines :'( The initial part of the journey back was a little sad with tears thrown in for good measure :D

Once back, all of us were so tired, we were just waiting to have our hot water baths, which was a luxury there, have some hot breakfast and just hit the beds. All of us slept like logs for 4 hours, got up to have lunch and again got back to sleeping for some more time and finally managed to open our eyes to the darkened rooms to realise it was already 6 in the evening :D

Freshened up a little and then received a call from our friends to check if my sister & me would like to go to the Eat Street! Did not know if it would be a good idea, but then decided to go anyways. And found out it was a good idea indeed :) The cool breeze hitting on the face while walking by the Hussain-Sagar was refreshing.... and then there were friends around.. so felt a little better!

Monday morning was not very different from Sunday morning :D Slept like a log for most of the time and got ready to go to work in the evening. At work right now and hardly in the mood to work. Around 90 unread e-mails invited me when I opened my lotus notes and 10 voice mails on the telephone. Sifting through all of them right now and thinking, do I really need to work :(
Was not in any mood to have dinner also. Had a few spoons and felt like I was going to throw up. Decided it was better to close the tiffin box than sit and wonder what to do about it :D
So thats the story from my side. Just wondering where to start and what to do and whom to call and what to tell..

It will be about another one week before I can completely come back to the normal grind and pick up all the threads and work as usual.... Until then, I will just need to hang on. The last time around, when I took a four day break to go to Bangalore, the coming back was very difficult and I took almost 2 months before I could actually interest myself in the work again. I had completely lost the interest to work and found it very difficult! Hopefully, it doesn't get that bad this time.... :)

Wish me Luck :D And here's me wishing you a good week ahead :)

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taureandude_23 said...

hi there
i would just say 2 words to you at the present state u r in. 'welcome home';d back to reality.

i can totally relate to the blues one feels after a wonderful vacation, but then such is life, they say. but if u see the positive side, its only cus we spend such lifestyles do we really value the vacations, the long hours in bed after a long trek, u get the drift;d i dont think it would be fun if life was a vacation would it;P?

n well hyderabad me theres always food to drive away the blues. i have this really fond memory of Hyd, munching on those light as feather Osmani buiscuits[or wotever u call em;d cant remember the name] and sipping hot milk chai at the crowded Nimrah Cafe at Charminar and watching humanity in its element;d tht was my work cum vacation a few months back;d

k ill get back to my reality now.

take care

Meher :) said...

Hello rey TD

hehe.. thanks for the welcome back! Hopefully it does something to my mood.

Agree with you on why we treasure vacations...! And also agree - a life long vacation would get boring after some time :D

But I also think, we should be given an additional week off - paid leave - after such a week long vacation to help us get back into the mood :D. Wouldn't that be fun?? :D :D

And what were you doing in Hyderabad re? Project work??

Prasad said...

welcom bak to reality :DDDDD nd hope ur havin fun :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Meher :) said...


You are so evil :D

After all this ranting you are asking me if I am having fun???

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! jus wat i wanted :DDDDDDD

Meher :) said...

Arrey Pras!!

Its going from bad to worse :D

My manager from there says he will test us today on some concepts that we have been working on! Says its a kind of open book test and ends that line with a smiley!

he is making it sound like we are in school and the teacher suddenly announces a surprise test!! How crazy!! x-(

Prasad said...

i dunno wat time i told u to hav fun!! um still stuck @ work! :(((

Meher :) said...

:))))))))))) Pras!!!

What a turn of events :D :D :D :D

On a serious note, why so much of work suddenly???

Vrij said...

Have fun babes.. have fun..

Meher :) said...


I am trying to :D

lostpatrol said...

Yeh hei life!

Meher :) said...


Agree... this is life indeed

Chakoli said...


My first visit to ur blog:-)))

I agree...coming back to this grinding machine no one could feel excited....:-)))

but blues are not not to be feared of:-)))

Hope u keep enjoying the spice of life...:-))

Prasad said...

hhhhmm pretty busy yest eh!!!

Meher :) said...


So good to see you here!!

A warm welcome :)

And yeah... its the least exciting thing to be doing - coming back to work after a wonderful vacation!! :(

I am slowly coming to terms :D And best part? Its already thursday :D Two more days & its weekend!!

Meher :) said...

Pras... yeah re..

Actually, at around 2:30 in the morning, I remembered I had forgotten to log in also :D :D :D :D

Gayathri said...

Oh how I miss those family trips!

Meher :) said...


Come down to India.. we will go on a trip together :)

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