Its been a hectic week all this week.

We were trying to get into the groove after the very enjoyable but very strenuous trip when my grand father started to feel a little sick.

A few visits to the nearby hospital & then a few tests later, turns out he had some infection and had to be admitted into the hospital for some minor surgery. Nothing to be worried about or anything of that sort, but just the word surgery was enough to scare both my grandparents!

We got him admitted on Saturday, and the surgery was completed that evening - just a one & half hour work. He is still in the hospital right now - should be coming home either today or tomorrow.

My dad, who stays in Bangalore, couldn't make it, since he took a week's off just last week and then its the financial year closing next month. So he's been very caught up, leaving things to be managed by us here. Thankfully, my uncle came down to help - so that made things a little more easier.. :)

I haven't had a very good time too. There were so many things to be taken care at work - so many e-mails, calls and all that stuff and then the hospital work. I was really looking forward for the weekend actually. But with so much going around, I fell sick too! Didn't make it to the office yesterday and having used up all my leaves already, I will have an LoP now :'( But my mom was like - its atleast better than having to go to office, falling badly sick there and making things worse after that! So I thought - maybe yeah.. !

When I went to my doctor yesterday evening, she went :-o :-o!! Hehehe!! She was like - what's wrong with you??? And I could shrug my shoulders & grin :D :D :D

Am looking forward to this weekend again :D Its going to be a long weekend since we have an off this Monday :D And then, there's a wedding this weekend too. So looking forward to take some time off & enjoy :)

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Prasad said...

no wonder u were not seen last nite!!! get well soon! :)

whiskypriest said...

hi sindhu meher; happy valentines day? so who are u freaking out with this time?

Meher :) said...


yeah... I thought of logging into my remote desktop from work to check some e-mails..but couldn't sit at all

Meher :) said...


Welcome welcome! Long time :)

Happy Valentine's to you too! Me no freaking out - as single & as happy as ever :))

What about yourself??

Prasad said...

so u at work today???

Meher :) said...

Pras.. was at work till 9:30... fell too sick again & returned home by 9:45 :(

Prasad said...

hhhmmmm long time no c!! u ok now???

Thisisme said...

hope u r doing fine now..here is a big one from me >>>>>:D<<<<< tak care dear!

Gayathri said...

chk out the shoutbox in my blog.. someone is missing u.. :P

rOhit said...

Niiiiice Blog! :)

Happy writing :D

Lust4Life said...

Hiiiii Meher *hugs*

Hope you are doing better!! Yet another much awaited weekend :D

Howz ur grandfather?? Wish him a speedy recovery..

Thanks a lot for dropping such a lovely comment. Was away for sometime...

Take good care buddy!!


Prasad said...

how u doin nowadays???

dharmabum said...

hey, long time no see. how have you been?

Meher :) said...


Thanks for that :)

And sorries for the late reply.. :)

Do keep coming back...!

Meher :) said...


Hows u been rey?

Grandad is absolutely fine and doing very well :)

You been very busy?

Meher :) said...

Pras & Dharma..

me doing very good.. just that life's been a little hectic...

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