The Sad State of Affairs!

Have come across some really sad stories & situations in the past few weeks!

The first one was - a mother of my neighbour in my apartments was murdered (!!!). She was used to staying alone in her own apartment, which made her an easier target for the heartless guy who committed it. She had around 2 sons & two daughters, all living in Hyderabad in & around the same area .... her house was just a little away from where we stayed .. so that made it all the more saddening that inspite of all her kids staying around her, she still could not be saved.

What made the whole thing even more sadder was - the fact that she had been murdered was not realised for almost 48 hours! The incident had happened on a Monday night & her kids came to know of it only on Wednesday night. A servant lady who was working for some house in the same complex just happened to peep in through the window & found the lady on the floor in a patch of dried blood and raised an alarm. The daughters had tried calling her the previous mornings and when they did not get any response, one of them even went to check what she was upto - but she found the house locked and thinking she was with the other daughter, she left the place...! And what actually happened was that the guy who killed her - had clean sweeped the entire house of its valuables including jewellery on person and locked the door from outside!

Police suspect that it was some known person who was involved - maybe the watchman guy who had reportedly left for his hometown just 3 days before this & had not been heard of eversince!

Talking of Police - although there have been cases of police people being the persons they should be - law abiding, honest & all that - this particular team involved in this have kind of made it clear again that our Police System is not yet fine completely! My mother, who was called to be the witness when the remains were handed over to the relatives was told that for every little thing that the Police was involved in, they had to be paid money - to open the lock, to touch the body, to turn the body, to take a picture, to take clues.. EVERYTHING! If the money was not paid - then that work was not done - or would be done when they felt like it! The family had to pay close to Rs. 8,000/- just to have the Police complete an initial investigation.. only in the house! And then the paisa that had to be paid to the Hospital people for claiming the body!

Which makes me think - Life in India is really not respected! I mean.. a person has just passed away. The minimum you can do is to pay respect to the remains... not make a business out of it!

The second one was related to me by a friend. Her granny used to stay with her aunts.. the lady's daughters. Don't know what the problem in the family was, but the sons were not told of the fact that the lady had been in the hospital for four days prior to passing away. And when she had actually died at 4 in the morning, the sons were told of it at 10 in the morning! And after the remains were brought home to the son's house - property related arguments broke out immediately! And it all ended up with every one shouting our their voices hoarse and threats flying around that the body will not be moved out of the house until the property issue was settled! And until then - God take care of the body!

I was stunned! Which again makes me think - Doesn't life really hold any value?

I know its difficult to feel the connect when somebody does something that really hurts you. But does that mean you don't even pay your last respects to that person when he/she passes away? Where are your values, ethics & morals?

My family has been a victim of property issues too. What rightfully belonged to us also was given away by my dad to the other parties involved since dad thought it was futile to burn bridges & relationships for property! He taught us how important relationships were and how trivial property should be treated as when it comes to standing up to your relationships or self-respect!

But the world doesn't seem to be on the same page!

And then, there is this aged lady in our apartments again, who must be 80+ for sure & stays alone in a single bed flat. Her husband and she were staying together, when he passed away around four years back, after which she left for Bombay to stay with her younger son. This lady went through lot of kodumai & torture with the daughter in law - was not allowed to come out of her room till 10:00 since she was a widow and was considered a bad omen when the DIL was going to work, if she had to see her face! [:-O :-O] This lady was a lot into reading Sidney Sheldon books and DIL actually had the heart to say - "You are reading all those books because you live alone & you want to imagine things" and other things like - "You prayed to God that your husband should die, so you could come & become our burden"!!! All this is making this elderly lady so very disturbed and her health is failing by the day due to all the things on her heart!

All these things came as such big shockers for me! I knew that the world was not always rosy & pink - but I certainly did not think that a person would not even be paid their minimum respect for their age or after their death.

Its everybody's wish that when they pass away someday, there should be all your family & friends around you to mourn your passing away and bid you your final farewell. But if situations had to get as bad as this - it is probably better to die a lonely & peaceful death, somewhere in some lonely place.

Atleast, your last thoughts are peaceful, knowing that you are becoming one with the Earth & not with people around you fighting about what should go to whom and with people making your death a business!

Atleast you know there will be no one in between to stop you from going back to where you came from.

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Vrij said...

Firtsly, good to see u back... that too with a long post. I like it.

What I dont like is the commercialisation of life. There is no respect left as u say. Its all about money, honey. People kill their own family just for the money.. and it isnt that they are broke or something, they are quite well off, sometimes even rolling in money.

And the lesser said about the police the better.. they are a sad piece unto themselves.

skj said...

good one, boss.

Sindhu :) said...

VB! :)

First as usual!

Exactly my point! The families in question here are all very well off people.. not even upper middle class.. totally rich guys! All the more reason to be confused on their behaviour!

Sindhu :) said...


Good to see you here! Been very very long! :)

And thanks :) But do let me know what you think of it!

skj said...

Hi boss,
yes, it was really the sad ones and scarry. We are becoming stone hearted or say heartless these days. We are going materialistic way in the life and truly selfish. There was movie where Nana Patekar lost his son/daughter and in hospital there was similar scene as told by you. And about POLICE, like Vrij told they are not worth discussing these days. The morale of your post and my post is same. Regarding Police, my other post - 'Arushi Hemraj you me and we' illustrates their true colors

well, c u later soon,

skj said...

And yes, it was long time when we were on blog.. me too joined recently after a long time.

and surprisingly many other bloggers have disappeared - peshwa, godolphin, samy,savy, konfused, ramses, puja,lavina, sam, priya, priyas, smile and lot more..

well bye for now.

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks so much!

The Arushi case has been one of the worst examples of the Police Department! And to think - they declared the case as solved!

unpretentious said...

when humans are not valued when alive how can we expected them to be treated with respect after death?
sadly the world has come to find material wants to be more important than other lives. that is wh this is called the kaliy yugam i guess.

Sindhu :) said...


Thats true too! When people aren't respected when they are alive, its stupid to expect them to pay respect that person after they pass away! :(

Yeah.. Kali Yug for sure!

And hey.. thanks for coming over :)

Prasad said...

chillz kid...life aint always bed of roses!!! shit happens....and it happens ALWAYS!

Usha said...

why all tragic stuff off late?

Sindhu :) said...


Yeah... I am thinking the same thing!


I know! I need a break from all this sad stuff! But people around me only seem to be having this in their lives! Depressing!

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