Tag time again!

Been almost two months since I did something on this... and haven't been a regular at commenting either...

Sorry to all for that :)

Pras.. thanks for the tag :D

And VB.. :) Thanks for the sms... :D I felt a little bad when you mentioned I had abandoned blogging... didn't realise I had actually done that :D Next comes your tag!

I am : a girl :P
I think : I am very approachable!
I know : whatever happens is for our own good!
I want : a Honda Accord :D
I have : lots of diaries! [I am crazy about them :D]
I wish : I had more of stuffed toys!
I HATE : that Wildstone perfume ad!! x-(
I miss : a friend so much right now! So so so much!! :(
I fear : fear itself!!
I feel : free because am single :))
I hear : the thoughts in my head, trying to answer these questions!
I smell : nothing! In the office.. so its all a strerile smell maybe
I crave : for a big serving of Subway's salad & a big & spicy serving french fries to go with it :))
I search : on google & wikipedia.
I wonder : about a lot of things... too many things actually!
I regret : a few things, but not too many things :)
I ache : ??
I cry : when am depressed & feel lonely :(
I’m not : very good at saying no & keeping my foot down! :(
I believe : God's forever looking after all of us
I dance : if I have company! :D
I sing : in the shower, when am happy & when somebody asks my sister & me to sing together.
I don’t always : manage to put across my thoughts completely.. I miss something somewhere!
I fight : very rarely!
I write : silly things!
I win : sometimes.
I lose : sometimes.
I never : say no to a good outing with friends & family!
I always : smile a lot!
I confuse : myself & others around too :))
I listen : well - am good at it! No wonder I counsel well too :D
I can usually be found : infront of the tv, computer or having a book in my hand!
I’m scared : of horror movies & tragedies!! They make my mind work overtime about them even long after they are over.
I need : lots of love!
I imagine : my life to be the same smooth & happy one for all times to come.
I am happy about : the way I trust in God! I beleive thats the thing that keeps me happy!

I tag TD23, Vrij, Sangeeta, TIM & Gaya3

Please do it for me folks... please please! :)

12 wrote about this one!:

Vrij said...

Good to see u back!

And why do u hate that wildstone ad? Features such a hot babe with a hotter imagination ;)

And this is what happens when ur away from the scene.. I did this tag a couple of weeks ago!

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLLLL @ the wildstone ad!!! LOL..LOL!!! yes yes i second Vrij on tht :DDDDD

jitu said...

I hate all wild ads... even the Voodoo ad is stupid. I suppose all gals would be one side on this issue... and all guys on the opposite end... see Vrij and Pras.

I too had tagged you... then I could not locate your blog and was embarressed to ask you. :P

So after fumbling around pages a bit I wrote someone else's name there. :(:(:(

so do this tag and another one at my post for me. :) Tomorrow!!! :D

Envisage said...

Oh after long time i found u blogging...hmmm came to know more abt ya. And BTW I just loved this black and red design combo :-)

Sindhu :) said...

Chi VB

I knew you would say this :P

Sindhu :) said...


Birds of a feather flock together :D

Sindhu :) said...

Jitu akka...

Finally you are here... so thats ok!

and please keep tagging me.. that will give me something to blog on :))

Sindhu :) said...


trust me.. my mind's been a complete blank white sheet!

Why dont u also take up this tag re?

I have never seen you do any tags :)

Usha said...

ah, the evil tag hasn't become extinct yet!! Ungalukellam koil kattanum :P

Sindhu :) said...

Hey Usha!

Tag evil eh kidayadhu! Tags are my favourite topics to post on :D :D :D

I wanted to tag you too - but dint know if you will take to it kindly.. adhanaala daan vittute :D

Gayathri said...

Me Gayathri?

Sindhu :) said...

Very much you Gayathri :D

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