Sun Signs

Don't you think reading about sunsigns are very fascinating? Especially the one's written by Linda Goodman :D

I, for one, am crazy about her writings. I think what she has actually explained are by far the closest that ever came to actually explaining my personality. Ofcourse, what she writes is based on American life, but then, the basic flavour is the same in terms of explaining the personality aspects.

But not many seem to be sharing my taste for the same. Infact, not only do many not share my appreciation for it, they even think I am being stupid! :-

I recently spent about 350/- for Linda Goodman's Book of Lovesigns. Its been one of the best books I ever read - it actually explains the level of compability b/w all sunsigns and explained separately for males & females of all sun signs... I am completely in love with that book - after all, it helped me shape my decision that I will marry only a Taurean or a Scorpion
:D But I got scolded by a lot of friends... someone even 'slapped' me on Orkut because they thought I spend on rubbish things. Hmph!!

Maybe you can read this as a starter. Its an introduction to the sun signs by the same lady - Linda Goodman. And maybe you can let me know if you also think it makes sense or if I am being senseless :D

Oh yeah.. just to confirm, its not like I am mad about predictions based on this that you get in papers. Half of it never happens :P. Its just that I am mad about this explanation that's given about sun signs :D

And also.... don't you think it makes me sound mysterious after reading this? :D :D...

"Echoes fade and memories die. Autumn frosts have slain July. Still she haunts me, phantomwise. Alice moving under skies. Never seen by waking eyes."


I found this from Zephie's blog and some other blog... nothing great, but kind of interesting. Click on the image below to have a bigger & better look at the image - it gives out the words that have been in use majorly in my blog .. you can try your's here

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Curious said...

I used to be really crazy about sun signs when I was in my high school and early college years. though am not sure about it's actual predictions, I do think it does some really good boosting up thingies to our ego's.

But of all the astro books lying around the closest to accurate personality predictions are Linda Goodman's and maybe that's why she is a best seller.

These days I jus browse the local papers astro columns to see how my stars are doing and move on. I don't even think about it esp when it says things like "A very handsome man will surprise you today" likes.. :P

Sindhu :) said...


Same pinch. I am not sure about how accurate they are when they come to predictions, but I sure think the positives that they mention about our personality traits are a great boost :D

And yeah.. she's been the closest till now & wins hands down!

About the papers, I read them so i can have a good laugh.. esp when they say - you will win a case or will get a big legacy :D :D :D

Gayathri said...

Linda Goodman is definitely better than the rest. It is interesting to guess a person's zodiac sign from their personal traits.

BTW, about the papers, I never read the predictions in the morning. At the end of the day, I read it and try to figure out whether it was even remotely close. :P

Sindhu :) said...


hehe.. thats a good idea. Maybe I should try doing that too!

As a kid, I used to read the predictions given in THE WEEK magazine and used to wait for something to happen, esp when there was a mention of someone special I would come across - but never did anything even remotely happen :D

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hi there
well i am not that crazy bout sun signs n all that. i agree that reading bout your sunsign can be a good source of tp, but thats that:D i surely wouldnt spend 350 bucks on a Linda Goodman book:D i mean im jus concerned with my sign, so the point of spending money for stuff on other 11 signs really dosent justify the spending:d okie jus my opinion:P
n wassup with u? seeing a post here after ages:D
take care

Sindhu :) said...


many friends of mine.. esp the ones of your gender think the same.. :D

Nothing much going on.. a blank head & too much work... Finally decided I have stayed away too long and decided I will write whatever crap I want to... :D

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