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I was reading this.

Maybe yeah.. asking about income, personal life may not be good ideas, but I don't see how people can actually forge relationships by just asking 'hi, 'how are you' & 'have a nice day'. I mean.. just look at the Don'ts list - it pretty much closes all options to actually build up a conversation with a new comer... if you don't ask them what they do or work as.. how will you even carry forward the talk?

Typical Chinese attitude!

And look at this - "The government has campaigned to curb queue-jumping, spitting, littering and even speaking loudly in public, fearful such behavior could mar Beijing's image." Shouldn't this be done in a more discreet manner? Don't you think by making it public that all these are being done now, it actually becomes obvious that they are doing this only for this event? So if you go to Beijing some time after Olympics is over, spitting & littering is allowed? :P

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n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Sindhu,

Its pretty sad that we ‘easterners’ try to bend our back to accommodate the western sensibilities.. even in India people ask all these questions.. we do find them irritating at times but some foreigners actually end up saying – how friendly the Indians are!

Also China is quite worried about ‘negative publicity’ so its going all out to make sure it covers all bases and the media scrutiny doesn’t make the country look ‘bad’….

Sindhu :) said...


Exactly my point. When we go to there country, we are supposed to learn their way of living.. and when they are coming to our place, even then its the same case?? Sad!

Yeah.. China is really working hard on the image part! A littlee too hard on the citizens too!

-- mt -- said...

Yes. It is too much! But the airport as such is neatly designed and laid out.

I havent been to Hyderabad by plane, so not seen the airports. But when you say 32 KMs away, I think it is pretty much like BLR.

BLR's red line bus which runs to the Airport and the City charges 250 per head.

Sindhu :) said...


I guess all these new set of intl airports being built are being placed pretty far away from the city centers.. Heard Chennai is getting one too...

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