Connections - Part 1

Took this up from Swat! I thought it was a pretty good one to scribble out :)

Though it would be nice to think about all those friends that have made a difference in my life and how I met them...

Hima Bindu - She was my school mate in Madras. Was in a different section and did not even know her until we happened to attend the same extra classes for Mathematics. But becoming friends at the class was the best thing that happened to us :)

Ragavender - We had one of the stooopidest of beginnings if I had to tell how we became friends. But whatever it was, it all turned for the good and now, both of us are friends for life! But even after all this years, thinking of how we became such good friends is something that still looks stupid to me :D

Ratna - She is one hell of a girl - was my classmate in degree. Before I met her, I used to think Ratna was a name that's pretty old & ancient and boring! But who knew she would be the one to change my perception of it! After I met her, I actually ended up thinking that the name Ratna is the most beautiful! And wondered how her parents could name her so aptly! She is one of those very few persons who actually live upto their names. Ratna, let me say this - you are what your name says - you are a gem in the true sense - looks-wise & heart-wise!

Anupama - Another great friend I made in degree. I hate her for her time-sense or the lack of it and I hate her that she cancels all outing programs in the last minute - but then, she is also one of those persons that you just can't keep your mouth shut with. I end up spilling ALL my secrets to her, whenever we meet up :D

Vanaja - Degree friend again! A mad-cap cancerian like me - I used to hate her initially with all my heart. Didn't realise when the equations changed for us, but by the time we came out of degree, we had a million fights, a billion jokes and a trillion heart-to-heart talks behind us that sealed our friendship. She is married & has a new-born kid right now. And I haven't had the chance to meet her as yet. She is very angry at me for that [understandably so]. One of these days, am going to pull Anupama out of her slumber & drag her along with me to see the baby :)

Srinath - A family friend turned a big bro. Met him at a religious gathering & quickly turned one of family. I don't have a big brother of my own and he turned out to be the best I could ask for :) How much he pampers me, how many things he does for me and how many places he has taken me around to - I could never count on my fingers :)

Venkat - Ditto as above. And to add to the list - he did something that no one would have dared to do. He spent 2 days under the supervision of the Police guys, since he was with us when we were involved in an accident in Maharashtra. He told us to come back to Hyderabad and that he would take care of himself - since our grandparents were with us and they were pretty sick. Who would volunteer to spend 2 nights with Police of a different state, where you don't even know the language properly?? God's grace... he was treated with respect. But the scene that took place that day is something that still gives me the scares. Venkat anna..... you will be an integral part of our lives always!

That's the list of people who made an impression in my life.. its like what they say.... a friendship/relationship is a wet-cement paving. Some people come walking on it at the right time - and they always manage to leave their foot-impressions on it. I guess they have managed to do that.

I liked the idea for this post a little too much! :D Maybe I will do another post just to detail the friends I met on-line and later on became a part of my life! :)

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Anonymous said...

I knew it would be a nice, touchy post!! See...
Waiting for connections 2! ;)

Sindhu :) said...



I kind of get too carried away when writing about things like this :D :D

Part 2 to be released soon ;)

Anonymous said...

friends - An asset

Sindhu :) said...


totally agree :)

gunj said...

wow!! uve got quite a list thr!! i wonder if i can do smething like dat smeday!

Sindhu :) said...


Please do take it up :)

Would love to see your list too!

Prasad said...

should remember to contact anupama! "I end up spilling ALL my secrets to her"!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

jitu said...

Hi Sin... a lovely post... and LOL@ Pras comment. :P

Busybee said...

Hi Sindhu

Lovely blog u hv here.. :)

Sindhu :) said...


Me no giving Anu's number to you :D :D

Sindhu :) said...

Jitu Akkaaa...

How about doing this as a tag?? :D

Sindhu :) said...


So good to see you here :)

Thanks!! :)

Prasad said...

i'll chk ur orkut :P


Sindhu :) said...


Che get lost :D

But then, you will not be able to find her... she has a different name against her profile :))

Gayathri said...

Hey, I did this as well! Was interesting, wasn't it?

Sindhu :) said...


Totally!!!! :)

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