iPhone Disappointments :(

Arey.. I was sooooo waiting for the iPhone!

Somebody told me it was going to come for around $200.00 for 8GB and $300.00 for 12GB, which sounded totally awesome to me! I had been waiting to buy a new phone anyways, and thought this sounded like a good enough option!

But then, I read this. And all my expectations went phussss!

iPhone doesn't seem to have a lot of things going for it, the major factor being the price! How did anyone think the general class of people would shell out Rs. 31, 000 or Rs. 36, 000 just like that! And considering the features aren't that good either... I think its ridiculous!

Here's what I found out:
1--->2 MP camera, with no flash [for 31k/-???]
2--->No video recording option
3--->No expandable memory .. you get only a 8GB model or a 16GB model [Not that I would be using more than 8GB]
4--->No zoom
5--->No message forwarding! :-o That's heights! I read somewhere, you will need to write down your message and then type it out separately if you need someone else to see that message
6--->That's not enough? Listen to this! Group messaging not allowed. You will have to send it person by person... separately!
7--->The worst is this - you cannot just buy an iPhone battery over the counter & replace the exhausted one. You will HAVE to send it to the Apple Store to get it changed, because only they are equipped to do it! Imagine 3-4 days without a cell phone for someone whose business is completely dependent on it!

My take? Light lelo. Its not worth its money or maybe.. am missing some points. But if I had to pay so much money, I would any day prefer the Nokia N96. Makes for a better phone anyday!

And getting back to me, I have a Samsung E 490 right now... the features are very good for someone who just needs a phone handy and listen to some music once in a while & looks good too, but the performance is horrible. Keeps getting switched off all by itself and even when its apparently switched on, people calling me get a message that says the phone is switched off! Don't know how many calls I may have missed due to that :( And it doesn't support too many formats for music & videos.

So its back to square one :( Need to browse through more models so I can get a good one worth the money I put in.

If I said my budget was around 10k-12k.... what would you suggest?

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HOBO said...

Makers want to know what you really think...
They will come up with new.
Wait and be sure with lower prices.

HOBO said...

I say :
Mobile = SMS & Talks

Sindhu :) said...


Exactly! Whats a mobile without proper functions for allowing smooth flow of sms & talks? ;)

swattalk said...

Iphone never really was a fascination to me... I have a nokia 6300 right now and its fine, except for the battery. It sucks!
People say sony ericsson is good but then few of my friends had complaints about the battery.. I would suggest you to bug the dealer thoroughly before zeroing in on one phone.

Sindhu :) said...


I have heard that the Nokia 6300 is good too.. didn't hear about the battery though.

It was on my list as a possibility.. but maybe need to think twice now, if battery keeps going down.

Sony Ericsson -same pinch. Some said its awesome and some say its stupid!

I will take your idea... Maybe I could as well check with the dealer.

gunj said...

warts n all, iphone still is on my wish list, not this model though, id rather wait fo d next version!

Sindhu :) said...


Good luck re..! I seriously wish they come out with a betetr version of this current phone.

Prasad said...

get a sony erricson W series!! and have a happy life! :P

and dammm dint kno u were in the stone age!! some samsung stuff!!! eeeeekkkkksssssss!!!!!!

yea me too was waitin for the iphone and.....damal everything came crashin down after i read similar reviews!!!

Sindhu :) said...


My main pref is Nokia.. and then is Sony Ericsson.

Samsung.. I made a mistake of buying it!!!

But iPhone!! x-( They cheated us!

Prasad said...

yea man after payin 31000 bucks u need to buy stuff for the phone frm tune store!!!!! I'll show middle finger to tht!!!! idiots!!!!!

nokia is toooo slow man takes ages to load anything!

Sindhu :) said...

Oh yea! That was one point I forgot.

You can't even load songs from any other source! Have to get it only from iTunes!

All extra work, as if spending 31k is not enough!

And then the extra rental you will be paying for the number plan!

Agent V said...

IPhone has some really cool features but it is more off a showoff gadgt for aam junta like us who survive on things like sms fwds and tranferring songs from others via bluetooth... I have a nokia6300..infact i dunno its model number and went to service centre and told I lost the battery... the guy was like 6300 battery lemme see n went in ...after knowing the model number wat more work for me o'er there :P

Sindhu :) said...

Agent V!

What a name VP :D offoooo @ the name :D

And yea.. iPhone is more like a show-off I guess. But then considering people know there is nothing awesome... maybe people will laugh if we spend so much for this right now :D

Agent V said...

Oh yeah its me :P... and check this out http://www.thenewsvault.com/cgi/xtra.pl?go=12197520510

Sindhu :) said...

Agent V

What was that supposed to be?

It got blocked in my office.. reason - Pornography!

:-o :-o

SunRays said...

A SE loyalist..... take the W series if you want music.... the K series if you want camera....i would suggest a K series with the earphones of the walkman series.

Chalo Cheers and take Care!

Sindhu :) said...

Everybody's recommending the W series!

I will go & check it out.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Sindhu,

I was reading about the cons and I was so disappointed!! You wrote a post on what I was thinking :)

Gayathri said...

iPhone is a strict no-no for you.
"No message forwarding.
Group messaging not allowed."
How could you live without that? ;-)
BTW, Sony Ericsson rocks. :)

Sindhu :) said...


Seems like everyone's disappointed :D

I feel soo cheated!! x-(

Sindhu :) said...


Exactly :)) How could I live without doing all that :D :D :D

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