Just Randomly!

1] My office people are stupid. They have blocked gtalk in my gmail inbox. How Rude!

2] They have blocked ORKUT also! How in the heavens did they even get the cruel idea????

3] They are stupider. They don't know Yahoo chat is enabled in yahoo inboxes! Hee hee ;))

4] I got my appraisal done. A few not-so-good things from the client side. Understandable.. because I wasn't paying much attention to work in the last 2 months :P But in general, there have been pretty good reviews.. which eases out the bad things :D

5] How many of you understand Facebook? I think its pretty confusing, what with all those million applications crowding the page! Orkut is soooo much easier & user-friendly!

6] I can't beleive we have completed more than half of this year! :-o How time flies!

7] Talking about time reminds me am getting older. Time to talk to my parents about getting me married off. And the idea shows, I am not growing wiser with age :P

8] I seem to be blogging with a revenge these days. I seem to be writing about everything & nothing - left-right-center!

9] I seem to be eating too much these days. When I asked the doctor what it could be.. she said maybe I am worrying about something. Not able to point my finger on what it could be - and not able to stop my hogging :)) My mom's mighty worried my dresses may not fit me soon :P

10] Somebody find out who the stupid brain is behind the new Dark Temptation ad from ! Its outrageous & ridiculous x-(

11] I want a loooooong break. Something to refresh my mind & soul. Life in the city is becoming too cramped with too much traffic - vehicular, people, thoughts, emotions... there is a jam of everything in life these days.

That's a list of a few random things on mind right now. Maybe you could list a few too, incase you don't have anything on mind to blog about :D :P

And off-tangent... good luck, Zephie :) Have a good life and don't stop coming over here though :)

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Vrij said...

1. Sad creatures :(
2. Mad creatures :(
3. Yipeee!!
4. Pizza Hut, KFC or Palace Heights? When?
5. Keep the apps away. Be simple.
6.I agree.
7. Getting a bit despo? Logon to shaadi.com
8. I love it!
9. Point 4 revisited.
10. Got to see this one.
11. Aati kya khandala?
. yep.. All the very best to Zephy!

Prasad said...

dammm man!!! no wonder i dont find u online these days!!!! ok will log on to yahoo frm now :P :DDDD

good job on the apprisal....so whrz da treat????? facebook woh book nd all i dont care!! orkut itself is gettin harder wit all the themes applications and all tht crap!!!! good tht ur bak to bloggin nd oh almost forgot....me off to kerala tonite for a long weekend of doin nothin :P :DDDDDDDDD

BURNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Thanks Sindhu :)
*nods her head and grins at the same time*

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks for the point by point answer :D :D

Point 4 - shortly :D

Point 11 - I would love to.. ask D to come first :D

Sindhu :) said...


See.. :D Now you know the reason :DD

And I am VERY VERY jealous about your Kerala trip! You are sooo mean to be flaunting it like that here x-(

But still.. am an angel.. o:-) ... so here's wishing you have a good time :D

Sindhu :) said...


>:D< My first hug to you :)

Jitu said...

Hmmm. So do I get to see you on yahoo more often??? *hopeful , soulful eyes* :D

Treat.... anni oke saari kalpkoni teeskunntanu. :D

11. Yahaan aa jao... ham saath khandaala jayeingey. :D

And All the best NG. :) and >:D< ... hearing about you after like.... loooooooong. :)

Sindhu :) said...

Jitu Akkaaaa

You bet! :D But I may be invisible.. so you will need to ping em to let me know :D

And you can really come to Khandala? If you are ready.. I may just plan something :D

And treat antara.. ANYTIME you ask me!

SunRays said...

All they need is to read your post .... that will take care of yahoo too :D

Here is hopin that does not happen :)

Chalo Cheers and take care!!

jitu said...

Three day weekend ostunnadi.... any plans??

Sindhu :) said...


Please keep hoping & praying that doesn't happen :D

Sindhu :) said...

Jitu Akkaaa

We don't have an off on August 15 :((

sochvichaar said...

LOL, hey kid, even i find facebook confusing... orkut is so simple... i totally agree...

Sindhu :) said...


Yeah! facebook is silly too!

Rahi said...

yeah i agree wid u on the facebook thing. i don't much like it although my boss insists on using it - he tries to imitate the foreigners.

bad to know that they have blocked orkut and gtalk at your company.

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