Yea Yea Yea!

A snap shot of 'you-know-what' from my inbox.

# 1---> I confirm & I get cash? I want it please!

# 2---> Body Transformation Formula?? Totally ready for it! I wouldn't mind a more slimmer, sexier & glamourous look ;)

# 3---> Laptop! Now who would say no to that one! And choice available? Please pass the Sony vaio - Pink! :P

# 4---> Oh yea... I can settle even for this.. as long as it's free..!

But then.. its what it's supposed to be... spam dreams :( So all that happens to these is.. 'delete forever'!

P.S. Can't seem to be able to upload a bigger picture.. please click on the picture to see what I am blabbering about!

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Vrij said...

Hahaha.. good use of ur spam folder.. but isnt that the best part of gmail.. none of the spam mails get to see themselves in my inbox!

Sindhu :) said...


Good morning!!! >:D<

I agree! Gmail is pretty good about spam-filtering!

Jitu said...

Hi Sin,

SPAM is the only place all our dream offers land up. :P

btw... I didn't tell anyone...

Inspite of it being the 10th one. :D.... had spent a quite day with you know who...;) No grand celbrations, no ho-hulla... just a visit to the temple... and bas...

We used the day to digest the fact that we could endure each other for 10 looooong years... :D:D:D

and no.... you didn't spoil it... just made me think.

jitu said...

btw... that post is complete.... finally!! :D

and Vrij bhai... Hi!!!! :)

Prasad said...

damm the spam!

SunRays said...

If only these spam mails were true.... i would have been richer than the Ambanis by now considering how many times i have won a million dollars :D.

Cheers and take care!

jitu said...

Reply ledenti?? :(

Sindhu :) said...

Jitu Akkaaaa

Sorry sorry >:D< I was out of town.. eeroju morning arrived back.. anduke late reply :)

10 long years!! Long indeed! And no celebrations? Thats bad! :-|

Sindhu :) said...


That's ok// :D Acts as time pass... and when you have no blog ideas.. atleast it works as that :D :D :D

Sindhu :) said...


:))) Exactly my point!! :D

Maybe then.. I would have given you a job as my secretary :P :D :D

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