Oh yea..

I am alive. Pretty much

And I decided I should write something here before the date hits a month since I wrote here..... so if I don't write here before twelve tonight... I would lose the bet with myself.. so here it is :D

Life's going great... and I am in love with it totally! Everything is beautiful and everyone is an angel. There are some messengers of Satan as well here & there ;) But who cares... as long as I feel like the halo is right above my head o:-)

:D :D :D

And I have actually fallen in love with my office! And no.. its not my boss who is the reason for it... in case you guys start thinking on those lines ;) :P ! Its just that work is great and I love my team! Weekends are actually boring now... and I actually start my weekends looking forward to Mondays now! :D 

And I have made some pretty good friends too at work.... and am very happy about it! :) People do keep warning me about how people at work can never be friends.... and I can only hope that it doesn't hold true in my case! :)

There's a lot more that I would probably like to write here.... but will pen it down later on... :) Let this just be my 'welcome back home' post! :D

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Smita said...

Yesterday only i peeped in your sleeping blog :-) good to see that you are alive, kicking & in love though only with your office ;-) And i believe you can make good friends anywhere because if they are really good friends nothing else matters, what say?

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Good ! Good ! Good !

s w a t said...

No smoke without fire! :D

You are in love with life? Cooooool! I'm happy for you! :)

Nautankey said...

interesting interesting...anyway congrats for finding love..and hope I aint in that satan list :P

Prasad said...


Khushi said...

welcome back :)

Vrij said...

Howz the cute guy doin?

Prasad said...

vrij u mean the boss?? or the Ex-boss we saw?

Sindhu :) said...


:)) Yea.. in love - only with the office though :D

And I like what you said about the good friends... makes sense!

Sindhu :) said...


Thank you Thank you :D

Sindhu :) said...


:)) There is no fire - so your smoke is imaginary :D

Sindhu :) said...


No ways! How can you be on that Satan list, ever!!

Sindhu :) said...


:D... thanks about what you told on sms

Sindhu :) said...


Thanks!! :D

Sindhu :) said...


Who cute guy? Be specific :P

Sindhu :) said...

Prasad, Prasad, Prasad!

Bosses are not cute! They can just be great people - thats it :P

TD23 said...

hi there
so u look fwd to Mondays! man u must be having a real good job satisfaction meter:D
take care

DPhatsez said...

gosh! I hate mondays!

You are so wierd! :)

Glad to know you're happy,
Good on you mate!

Sindhu :) said...


The meter has hit a high note :)) Prolly because am still new in the job :D

Sindhu :) said...


I was like that for 3 years before shifting into this new job.. so prolly because of the new environment.. am still liking mondays :))

Prasad said...

oooooho!!! ok ok!! but yea still waitin to be enlightned! ;)

Sneha Divakar said...

nice :)
thats how i felt after i switched jobs. its a very healthy feeling, esp for the company. be careful though! you can just turn workoholic and you will know it only when it catches up months later

Sindhu :) said...

Oh Child Pras..

Things like that will happen at the time they are destined to... keep patience, Child! ;)

Sindhu :) said...


I was giving it a thought too - about becoming a workaholic. And I thought that would never happen to me... but prolly, what you said about not knowing it until later - will keep it in mind :)

But I still believe... becoming that is waaaaay too far for me :))

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