Of this, that & a birthday wish!

Hyderabad WON!! It thrashed the opponents & how!!! The saddest part was.. we had no power that day and we had to rely on the radio and updates from friends who had power, for the score & wickets! When Gilchrist went down in the second ball itself... I kind of lost hopes.. and when RCB started batting pretty well... I was alsmot sure that we may not make it... but fortunes turned!! :) 

The friend who was giving me updates was a Bangalorean and he was sure that they would win and we were almost ready to fight about it.... :D And later on... he very magnanimously tells me that he made RCB to give up their win so that DC can win and he can see me happy! I was like.. "YEA RITE! Just accept that you guys lost it!!!" :P And when we won... I made it a point to call him and scream in the phone :))) 

Buhahahahahha!! :D

Ahhhhhh! What a night! :D The funniest part - the power came on just when the last ball got thrown :-|


I have found great friends at work! :) And I am on calls and sms-es like never before and even after hours of talking, we always have something more to talk about! My mom's ofcourse going mad seeing me on phone for so long ;)) 

Never before have I been on such long calls with office people! Strange things happening - but pleasant ones! 


There are so many good things happening.... am kind of getting a little worried about it.... its like am just going up hill.... and I really don't want to get thrown off with too big a bang! I know I have been telling a lot about how happy my life is currently.... but I really hope I dont get to a state where I fill my page with cribbings about how bad things are going suddenly!

Trust in God is what I should probably do and just enjoy whats being offered :)


And ... here's wishing Praddy a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here's wishing that ALL your dreams come true and starting this day - may you have reasons ONLY to smile and never a day to feel sad! 

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Prasad said...

now now!!! this is an intreastin post!!!!

kalmadix! appy the b'day dude!

Sindhu :) said...


Interesting? Thanks :D

The Survivor said...

Enjoy the good times.. :D

Wow, the IPL bug has got to the gals too!!

Element-In-U said...

nice blog... keep posting...

Sindhu :) said...


welcome home! :)

And yea :)) It was my city in the finals after all! :D

Sindhu :) said...


Welcome here! :)

And thanks! Keep coming back!

Sneha Divakar said...

Damn, i hate it when home team loses. Personally i think Manish and Kumble put up a great show, atleast the last few days

Kanupriya said...

Oh lovely updates & gr8 to know u liking ur office so much, in fact ur previous post says that on weekends u luk forward to mondays! My, my...something fishy or what :P.
And thanx a lotttt for that card! Surely made my day :)

It's me Curious said...

hello thr sinds.. :D Hows u doing thr? Long time since blog yapp :(

Ahem ahem on work friends...who know it could even be the boss himself ;) :P

Chillaxe and enjoy life as it comes... Good things will keep happening :D

So long.. :)

Sneha Divakar said...

so what coming up for the bday?

f.B said...

Congratulations Hyderabad on the win!

dharmabum said...

long time no post?

workhard said...

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