Yes yes, I am still alive. Like I was in the last post! ;) And yes, I am still busy too with work!

I am not sure if I already cribbed about this particular point before - and if I did, its ok. Please listen to this crib again (Trying to create that effect, you see!) Ok now - the crib is - At my old work place, including travel time between home and office, it used to take me just 10 hours. Or prolly 10.5 hours. Flat. Thats all. And in that, go out for dinner, go out for ice cream, go out to draw money - all time pass things I used to do.

And scene cut to the present:

--> Office timings (on paper): 6 AM to 3 PM
--> Travel time from and to office: 2.5 hours
--> Time spent in office: minimum 11 to 13 hours
--> Morning cab pick up time: 4:30 to 4:45 AM (which means I need to get up at least by 4 to get ready!]

Naa paavam illa? (Translated for non-Tamils - Sad state of affairs for me, na?)

Some new process is coming up and its coming up in the region being handled by me. So loads of work for me, considering the Pilot phase starts this coming Monday. Its all good that am involved in all new things, but sometimes, I feel like my energy is being sapped out. I am all happy as long as I am in the office. I can go on from 6 in the morning till 9 in the night without any problem. But the moment I sit in the cab, I feel like I am completely being overtaken by tiredness! And I just sink into my seat totally :D

Edho onnu. Ellame nalladha pona podhum. I will be happy and you guys also will be happy because you won't have to come here to listen to my cribs! :D


In the mood for some funny news? :D This is also office related only but still! :D

There is this female colleague of mine that's a mental case. She is some psycho only that has fallen on Earth from some unknown planet/galaxy/whatever. And madam has royally filed a sexual harassment case on my boss! :D I am not going to comment on how innocent my boss may or may not be, but this girl has full level been spreading stories about him! And the case is now under investigation by the Ombudsperson.

Its all funny to see the tussle between by dumb fellow boss and her. The stupid situation here you ask? I am being called to answer questions during the investigation, considering I am the lady who's been working with her in the mornings and its just me that has actually seen her in close quarters! x-( Its highly frustrating to be a part of this investigation. But its OK - its kind of coming to a close and she will prolly be shown the door - but lets see.

Loose candidates all! I am happy that she has now been moved back into the North America shift and I have now an awesome member in the morning to work with me! :D Freedom from that psycho finally!


If you are wondering about the casual language that I am using here even remotely, please adjust madi! :D


There was a time in 2006-2007 when there were a lot of people who suddenly started showing interest in me. And then there had been a lull on that front in the last one year. And suddenly - there is activity happening again and this time, interestingly, its people who have entry into astrology and I have been getting pretty interesting predictions about what & how things are going to be for me in the coming days/months/years and no consultation fees either! ;) My friend has been teasing me about it - he is like, how is it that you girls get all such consulting free at cost and if its for guys like us, people don't even bother to tell us what will happen tomorrow! :D :D :D

Good na? :D


And when am writing in my blog, how can I NOT talk about people that I have made friends through blogs and met them in real life too?

Yep! I went to Madras on the Sept 26 weekend to [1] meet my sister [2] see the rebelz show [3] to take a dip in the beach (been a long time since I did that, ya)

What an awesome long weekend it turned out to be! Had fun with my sister, had fun at the rebelz play and had fun at the beach too. The play was really funny and I loved it. Ranga was obviously the star of the play - the baker dad of two girls that got kidnapped as kids! But sad that you had to play the dad for two good looking girls! :D Vino was the scar-faced mean pirate who had kidnapped one of Ranga's daughters. It was a fun evening! :)


I have had this long time dream of going to the beach on a day when its raining real hard and it finally came true! After a day of roaming, me, a friend, sister & BIL come home and just as we are entering the home, it started raining very badly. And then, we have this sudden crazy idea of going to the beach in the rain. And in 5 mins, we changed into casual clothes and we set off on bikes in the rain. Gosh! It was COLD rain & we were shivering badly. And we finally reached the beach like that. The beach water was a pleasantly warm and against the cold rain, it was an awesome feeling sitting in the beach :) And it was completely dark and the lightning across the sky looked like giant tube lights reaching out to touch the beach water across the horizon. I am not exaggerating when I am trying to explain this - but it was a seriously beautiful time! You should experience it to understand it - the power of water, the power of the lightning, the power or rain - all together, the power & beauty of nature!

What an evening, indeed!


And hey - This is an another awesome part. After the Madras trip, I was in Blore the following trip - and happens that Ranga was also in Blore the same day. Not that we could meet up then, but on a sudden plan, I and Swat decided to meet up at Coffee Day. And what fun it was! All we did was talk, talk & do more talking! No awkwardness of meeting for the first time or anything of that sort.

(@ Swat - should I change the sentence above to All 'I' did was talk, rather than, 'we'? :D I remember me to have done all the bak-bak)

She was total fun to be talking to - I talked about all stupid stuff that was currently going on in my life, in my office, in everything in general and for an hour or so, we kept talking, before finally deciding to say bye and leave! :D

Yeh lady - You are fun! And totally at that!


I think I should probably stop here for now. Do you think this post will suffice for the next two months here? :D :D :D :D

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Anonymous said...

Good I am not visiting. You will be busy. Enjoy work as it is hobby.

Anonymous said...

Who's that new awesome member in the team? ;)
I wish we could have spoken for some more time man!! :D

Sindhu :) said...


No no! You should come here! I am not that busy also that I wouldn't take time out to meet people! :)

Sindhu :) said...


Awesome member - same old member ;)

And yea... next time, we will meet for lunch. We can keep eating and talk also :D

Bedazzled said...

nice looong post after a loong time !! good to c u backk .. poor u .. they r making u work so much !!!

Nautankey said...

i dunno which part to comment on :D.. but yeah just bcoz u were fine with the ways(!) of ur boss doesnt mean others who dont like it are called psycho ok :P :P..now we have got an investigation to carry on!!

2006-2007 ppl were interested and now again..hmmm whats this abt.I am unable to read ur posts with straight mind:P

Smita said...

Aha!!! Good to see you back :-)

So much to catch upon :) and ur morning shift sounds bad!!!

But you have been having an eventful time!!! I hope u r more regular despite all your work :P

How was the rebelz show??? Lucky you!!!

Tarun Goel said...

welcom bak!!!

Sexual assaults :D
There was one with us as well, she did the job during the training days itself!!!
Filed a complaint against the trainer though he was just asking repetitive questions from her :D

Sindhu :) said...


I missed you again when I was in Madras the week before :( I thought you were going to make it to the play too!

How have you been???

Sindhu :) said...


Go ya. You & your twisted comment.

I am not replying :D

Sindhu :) said...


Eventful time for sure yea :D :D I am not sure if the morning shift is bad, but its pretty taxing in terms of time & energy! Not sure when things would settle down!

And I really hope to be regular here ya! Am ignoring this place too much!

Sindhu :) said...


Seriously - some people are heights, I tell you!!

Prasad said...

way too long meher!!! but i agree wit n'key here!!! even if i try hard i am unable not to read in between the lines i say! :DD

nd yea thanks for the compliments on the play....

Sneo said...

you were in blore? should ve dropped me a line, i would have also met you...
when you coming down to blr next?

Vrij said...

Look who's around... welcome back!

So, does this 'awesome member' replace the 'boss' in our ragging of u?

Anonymous said...

Sneha, both of us are in B'lore and have never met :D Cha!

Sindhu :) said...


Obv - a post after a long time, its bound to be long :D

And what did you read between the lines here? ;)

Sindhu :) said...


It was a short & hurried trip and all I had was Swat's number! Sorry for this time - but will make sure that I let you know the next time I am coming there! We shall meet up for sure!

Sindhu :) said...


Full freedom given to replace - go celebrate & enzoi ;)

Sindhu :) said...


Wait until I am back in Blore :D

workhard said...

That was nice to read.. ur pshyco colleague just wants attention.. seems to me ...

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Khushi said...

ah... nice to have u back after a looooooooooooong gap :)

Sindhu :) said...


She is that kind only. And because people were a little more friendlier to me than her - she had a problem with that also!

Sindhu :) said...


Indeed - its good to be back! :)

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