OK... So yes, I have been alive.

Alive &...... Kicking? Naah! I have been whining too much :D

Well, that's what anyone would do, if they had wot work for 15 hours in a day at the minimum, you see!

There was a time [Read: When I was working in my old company, with my good old boss ;)] when including my travel time to & fro from office took me only 10 hours. And in spite of working in the nights, I had awesome fun and life was nothing but bliss! And now is a time, when I spend a minimum of 2.5 hours in travel and at least 11 hours at work! The days I am able to get off at the 9Th hour sharp are - days I can count on my fingers!

Imagine having to get up at 4 in the morning and arriving at office by 5:15 or 5:30 in the morning. You can imagine a sleepy eyed face of a girl? Yes - that girl is me! :D :D :D

And when the log out happens to be 5 in the evening and the time to reach home through all the traffic is around 7 PM, can you imagine the half-dead look? Oh yea... that belongs to me too :D :D :D

And I have been feeling so much pity for myself for all the hard work I am doing - whoever is ready to listen to my whining about my 'terrible' timings, I have been bombarding them with my rants. And now, the readers here are becoming victims too ;) :D :D :D

Funny part is - as long as I am in the office, its all fine. The bad parts are when I am coming to office and going from office. The minute I sit in the cab after the log out, there is a wave of tiredness that comes up and I am like.... Phewwwww!!

But somehow, I miss my night timings! I was in the 6 PM to 3 AM timings for almost 4 years and there was never a day that I cursed that timing! It seemed like I had all the time in the world then and I loved it! And even in the new company where I had the same timings, the floor used to be alive at nights! And now, I am working 6 AM to 3 PM - a complete 12 hour opposite shift and life's boring! There's just me and another bore-of-a-girl with me and I miss my team terribly! All the fun people of the team work in the nights and there is no one to talk to in the mornings! If there's some help I need, one of them do come in the mornings once in a while for sometime, but still.... not the same as having a wonderful team beside you all the time, Na?!

And otherwise too, there is nothing that I have to complain much about! Because there is nothing else happening apart from work :D. Went on a shopping spree in the last 2 days after a long time and feeling good about myself :D. And if that is not enough, I dragged a friend along too and he was like.... I don't like shopping!!! Leave me alone! :)))

And yea - I saw Public Enemies! Not a bad movie, but I liked Johnny Depp! He sure looks intense, eh?!

So that's all the brief updates from me! How long has it been since I wrote? Prolly 2.5 months? Yeah.. May 26 was when I last wrote here. Lets see when will the next post come up here!

And yea.. for all you guys -I missed you all! And thanks for checking on me! Sure feels good to be missed, you know! :)

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Tarun Goel said...

Welcome back.
The schedule is too strict i guess :)

Sindhu :) said...

Hei Tarun! I was thinking you would prolly be here to welcome me back and here you are! :D

How have you been??

Smita said...

Hey Good to see you back :)

Sometimes I feel that time spent in travelling = time wasted!!! But then what to do, na part of the game called life :)

But good to see alive n kicking hope u start getting time for yourself because u were for sure missed :)

Sindhu :) said...

Heiiiii!! >:D< >:D<

Good to see you guys here! I missed you all so!

Traveling from office and to office is sure time wasted! Otherwise, I can travel any amount of time if its a vacation :D

Am starting to learn car driving. And once I am good at it - I am going to come to work by car only! These office cabs drop me at work an hour before my actual time and leave only 45 minutes after my logout time!

x-( Silly fellows!

Prasad said...

so u took a friend for shoppin :DDDDDDDDD

Sindhu :) said...

Yes... I took a friend only for shopping :D

Rather, 'friends' and one of them had a wife and a kid too :P

Nautankey said...

welcome back..and actually was nice hearing your crib the other day reminded that some people do hard work for getting a pay cheque :P.. better come here often else ur home may be leased out :P

Sindhu :) said...


Thank you Thank you :D

So are you trying to tell that you are working without much hardwork? Lucky you if thats the case! :D

And yea re... thinking of becoming a little regular here :D

Vrij said...

Just for the sake of some extra green bucks, some people are willing to take up tiresome shitty jobs. But your case is different, rt? You joined Genpact to find Mr Sindhu.. so ur excused!

Sindhu :) said...


Err... maybe I did not actually join to find Mr. Sindhu... but you never know, you know! ;) Things may actually be the way you predicted! :D

Parikshith Kumar said...

We share a karmic connection or what? I am leading an exact same life :-)

First time here,good one!

Sindhu :) said...

Hey Parikshit..

Welcome home! :)

And about the karmic connection - hehe - probably yes! And you would also be sharing a karmic connection with a lot of colleagues from my end too - all of us are leading pretty much similar lives! :D :D

Keep coming! :)

Prasad said...

wah wah!! vrij u did get the truth out of meher! ;)

jus waitin for a coupl off ppl to join in :DDDDDD

Sindhu :) said...

Ayye Prasad!

What truth? I just said anything might happen. Thats all! :D

And who else needs to come now?

Anonymous said...

If a man can work for others he/she can work for himself/herself too if wish.

Sapphire said...

I don't work but can relate to what you wrote. Waking up early morning is not my cup of tea but I can stay up as late as someone wants me to! And I hate travelling back home from a place...when one leaves home to go someplace else it is fun as one knows that one has a lot of work to do...but when everything is over and then traffic stops you from returning home on time - it is IRRITATING!

Ellen said...

Oh yes, I can understand all that. :-) Been there, done that. Same experiences I went through during my corporate days then. 'Twas not so much the hectic pace of the job.. but more about the monstrous traffic I had to contend with everyday to and from work. Glad to be done with all that now. lols! You will too; cos everything in life has its own place and time.

Hey, glad you're back writing.
Looking forward to seeing more from your blog. Take care!

Gayathri said...

Heyyyy, I missed you!
Anyways, so is the cute dimpled guy who stole your heart when you newly joined keeping you company at work? :P

Sindhu :) said...


I agree!! :)

Sindhu :) said...

Hey Sapphire

Seriously! I can stay awake as late as required, but getting up in the morn... its terrible :(

Sindhu :) said...


>:D< As always - thanks for your warm comment!

I know am replying very late - but sorries!! :)

And please do keep coming. Your comments are always nice to read! :)

Sindhu :) said...


Hehehe yes - he continues to keep me company :D :D :D

workhard said...

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