My poor Hyderabad! :(

You guys have been watching the news? These Jai Telangana people need to go jump in the Hussain Sagar lake and commit suicide!

They have desecrated all those beautiful statues on the Tank Bund road - Krishnadevaraya, Telugu Talli and many many more of people who have been real gems from Andhra Pradesh. I was looking at the news channels showing video footage of those ruffians hitting those statues with big sticks and damaging them. I felt a deep pain looking at the way they were acting!

MORONS!!!! x-(

It took me more than 2 hours to get home today - 45 mins is the max usually. All roads had been blocked and we took a thousand detours! All these people should seriously be shot at sight! So should those MNS people be. Why are they all so bent upon bringing further divisions in this country, when there are already too many to handle?

Go to hell, Congress! You guys cannot manage the country! I hate you!

My poor poor Hyderabad!! :(

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subbulakshmistoned said...

I have never been to Hyd, but I love the city way too much..as equally as Bangalore. I can't explain any further about it because I dont know how to.
Bloody fanatics!
PS: I am rather sad that you put up a serious post (we can't post inappropriate comments.) But I am happy you are blogging again :)

Ellen said...

I can understand your reaction and anger, Sindhu. That's a part of history they have desecrated. It should be preserved, not destroyed. Can't understand what's in their heads that made them do such a horrible thing.

Sindhu :) said...

Subbu - Its so hearterning to read when you say you love Hyderabad as much as Bangalore. I know how crazy people are about Bangalore! :)

P.S. - You know me! I can't be this serious all the time :D Don't worry! I'll be back :))

Sindhu :) said...


Exactly! History this glorious must be preserved - to whatever region they belong to. Not destroyed and vandalized the way they have done it.

They must have some horrible heads on their shoulders!

Tarun Goel said...

That is sad. I love Hyd I am sad for what they are doing. Gathering students from local colleges. Retard People.

Sindhu :) said...

Tarun - you have been to Hyderabad before?

Smita said...

I so agree with you!!! These buggers can manage only one thing that is theior pockets!!!

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